Special Way 2.0: Schleswig-Holstein extends happiness gambles

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Maximilian Deininger 18. April 2019

In USA, online gambling continues to move in a legal gray area. Even if politics, the federal government and the federal states are gradually becoming open to liberalization of the gaming market, there have been no right -wing concessions yet. Only the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein was the only online gambling provider to give licenses. But these actually ended this year. After a new decision, the validity of the 23 licenses has now been extended until 2023.

After a new decision, the validity of the 23 licenses has now been extended until 2023.

Politicians continue to

Should gambling be liberalized or not? This question has been concerned with politicians all over the world. In many nations, not only in Europe, the countries had a long time Monopoly on casinos and co. state gambling could ultimately be regulated and monitored well, and the numerous games also flushed state sums into the household budget. but at the latest since digitization began, the monopoly has no longer been durable. more and more online providers are flocking on the market and offering games of chance over the internet, be it roulette in online casino or betting on football games. but this development seemed to go too fast, especially for politics. as in USA, as well as in USA, not all legal questions have still been clarified in order to To legalize online gambling entirely. in this country the Gambling State Treaty the legal position of private gambling providers. in the federal contracted contract, it was stated that gambling was still a national matter. only schleswig-holstein refused to sign the contract and awarded happiness for happiness to private providers. in 2011, the then cdu fdp government had the “Special route“Schleswig-Holstein decided. In 2012, after the SPD held the state government again, the decision was overturned again. Nevertheless, the licenses kept their validity – and exactly until 2019. At a recent conference of the prime ministers, the surprise: the licenses will be extended again until 2021.

“This is a great success for Schleswig-Holstein, which had long been met with resistance to the upcoming future-oriented solution in the field of gambling.”

Finally in sight?

On the political level you are except in Schleswig-Holstein even of course, not particularly impressed by the special path of the northernmost American state, especially since many fear that other countries could do it the same time schleswig-holstein. sports bets are a profitable business for the country. every year, the country generates income in the millions, which is significantly more as if the country continues to hold on to the monopoly and organize and offer gambling independently. officially, there are all fears related to the topic Player protection and addiction preventionthat hold the 15 remaining federal states from legalizing private gambling in USA. unofficially, however, it is also assumed that the countries do not want to do without their monopoly law, ultimately a total of eur 1.76 billion generated in 2017. however, the pressure on politics is growing, and not only on the part of the entrepreneurial side, which, despite a lack of legal basis, already offers its offer via the internet in USA. the federal and state governments are currently not intervene. on the one hand, this has to do with the fact that this is only over one Internetsperre it would be possible, which is practically but not feasible for legal reasons, on the other hand, on the other hand, the countries currently also benefit from tax revenue. because although private gambling on the internet is not allowed in principle, it is tolerated. sports betting providers, for example five percent betting tax Taking off, other providers are also obliged to provide tax levies, even though they actually do not have a legal license. How long this spongy system will still be portable is questionable. This is also why politics gradually makes concessions and opens up to liberalization of the market.

“The problem is that when a normal citizen sees advertising for online casinos or for other illegal gambling offers on TV, of course he thinks that this is legal. And then making it clear to him that this is illegal is difficult. Because he has not yet seen any advertising for cocaine on TV or for heroin. That is why he has to assume that what is advertised on television must be legal. ”

Legalization of private sports betting is imminent

Even if it is not yet specific when the federal government, the federal states and ministers will finally find a final and final agreement, which the “Liberalization of the gaming market when it comes to, there is gradually at least moving in the sports betting segment. at the already mentioned ministerial conference in march, it was decided that private sports betting in USA may be offered legally in the near future. the plan is private providers from the “January 01, 2020 to equip with betting licenses. these should then have a validity for a year and a half, until june 30, 2021. then the current state of gambling will expire. until then, the ministers want to and have to achieve a final agreement and at least liberalize the sports betting market. in order to maintain one of the licenses of the federal and state governments, providers become “strict editions have to comply. The focus is on player protection in particular. Only sports betting providers who take added prevention and enable a safe game should receive a license.