Spain: government stops gambling advertising

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Maximilian Deininger June 15. 2020

The alarm state still applies in Spain. Among the following measures there is also a strange ban on gambling advertising. This could not only become a problem for sports betting providers, who are particularly promoted in the highest division of football La Liga. Because many clubs cannot therefore play in their usual jerseys and have to look for a creative clothing solution. However, due to the reopening of Spanish casinos and betting shops, there is still hope that the advertising ban will also be lifted in time.

In Spain it starts again with professional football, but the ban on advertising for gambling could become a fashion problem for clubs. ((©8385/Pixabay)

Retening of Casinos & Co. – Spain’s gaming industry breathes up

Already almost two weeks ago it was clear that it is different from, for example, in USA A long wait for Spanish gaming companies will give before normal business operations can be possible again. As is known, Spain is one of the European nations that have been particularly strongly affected by the effects of pandemic.

But it became particularly dramatic when Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Almost two weeks ago, the planned Corona loosening would be prolonged by at least two weeks after the emergency had been proclaimed in Spain.

Among them would have Casinos, arcades and all other companies from the gaming industry suffered because they had to hire the operation to date. The Spanish Gambling industry was all the more pleasant when it was announced that gambling companies should resume their business almost without restrictions despite the extension of the emergency. The only condition for the fact that the respective region, in which the corresponding company maintains its business, could meet the conditions for Corona loosening.

Curiosity of advertising ban: no understanding of the government decision

The gambling industry in Spain actually sees the national government of its country rather as a friend than enemy. Because in Spain there was one for a long time comparatively liberal politics – At least in most areas – in terms of gambling within Spain.

Even during the Corona crisis, many Spanish gaming companies were able to rely on the help of the government, which recently As financial aid for tax payments,. Nevertheless, sports betting providers in particular are currently in uprising, because in the course of the emergency there was also a measure by the government Advertising for gambling implemented.

What is precisely this ban on this ban is primarily a mystery in Spain. Officially, gambling advertising in Spain is currently only permitted between 1:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. According to the current state of affairs, nothing will change until at least June 21, at least that is the currently still valid legal text in Artikel 37 des royal decree des state of alarm, of the royal decree for the alarm state.

This ban is only becoming particularly precarious now. Because La Liga, Spain’s highest football class, also picks up their game. However, there are numerous clubs in the professional league, especially in the professional league Equipped with jerseys on which sports betting providers advertise. As it currently looks, a total of eight clubs will search for alternative jerseys on the current matchday or have to take care of another solution.

“Had sources of the Ministry of Consumer Brand explains that the government approved the ban on the protection of the most endangered population during the detention in March. During this time there was a risk of oversupply of these ads and a risk of public health. Since the risk is now decreasing and the maximum safety measurements are always implemented, the necessary measures should soon be taken to return to normal, this should also include gambling advertising. ”