Singapore’s government sets up central gambling instance in 2021

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Peter Brandt 11. April 2020

In order to simplify the supervision of gambling in Singapore, the government of the city state is planning to establish a central gambling commission. The future -oriented control of gambling should make monitoring much more effective. The gambling commission should be set up by the end of the year. Although the gambling on the Internet remains prohibited, at least the two gigantic casinos in Singapore are under control and regulating the central authority.

The Singapore government wants to start a central gambling instance with the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) next year. ((©Pexels/Pixabay)

Control and regulation of gambling are managed centrally

Only a few days ago published that Ministry of the Interior of Singapore, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), a press release in which the government of the Asian city state announced the establishment of a new gambling commission until the end of the year. This listens to the name Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) And should control and monitor the gambling offered in Singapore in the future. The regulation and control of gambling should be set up more effectively. The reason for the new instance lies in the growing challenges and demands of the expected gambling trends of the next few years.

Gambling in Singapore. ”In the Asian city state of Singapore, all kinds of online gambling is strictly prohibited. Only two state providers that have been offering sports betting and some legal online slots have been offering sports betting since 2016. Other offers for gambling on the Internet are illegal. For this, the otherwise well -known city state scores with its two gigantic casinos, the world -famous Marina Bay Sands and the World Sentosa Resorts, which are extremely popular with tourists from all over the world. Through these two casinos, Singapore is one of the most important locations for gambling across Asia. In the past two years alone, the two casinos have had total sales of more than six billion US dollars. In the same breath, this also means a tax deduction of over one billion $ for the financial fund of Singapore. The government also generates additional millions of tax levies from the city’s other gambling offers such as the sports betting. ”

There are currently different authorities for the Control and regulation of gambling in Singapore responsible. For example, the Singapore Totalizer Board takes care of the business with any kind of sports betting. The Casino Regulatory Authority is responsible for the land -based casinos. There are also institutions of the Interior and Justice Ministry, whose task is the supervision of gambling in the city of the million. In the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA), the tasks and activities of the authorities are now to be summarized.

Cooperation with other institutions should simplify control

The central summary in a gambling commission does not mean that the offer for illegal gambling is simplified by criminals. On the contrary, the GRA should be very narrow and well networked in the future work with other institutions. They include, for example, various player protection organizations or charitable institutions. Even religious groups and of course the police authorities will be in close exchange with the new GRA in the future. Crimes from the gambling sector should be informed and prevented even more easily. The player protection is also high on the list of priorities. A spokesman for the authority made this clearly understandable in a statement to monitor gambling:

“Even if we update our laws, the MHA will maintain its generally prohibitive attitude towards gambling and continue his risk-based approach in the regulation of the existing gambling providers.”

The crime rate is quite low in the metropolis in the area of gambling, which is certainly justified in the impending hard punishments, and on the other hand demonstrates the previous effective monitoring of the industry. Nevertheless, the gambling industry is not quiet. New trends, varieties or offers of gambling will only be included in the future and especially in times of digitization state -of -the -art and well -structured control instances be to be tamed. The founding of the GRA is also intended to accommodate the progressive developments and thus guarantee the perfect regulation of gambling in Singapore.