Singapore: Authority loosens regulations

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Peter Brandt 5. August 2023

The new gaming authority in Singapore plans to legalize gambling meetings in a private setting. The measure is part of the realignment of the legal provisions in the city state, which is to be coordinated by the new supervision. According to the current legal situation, private events and events that include gambling activities are classified as illegally.

In the future, private gambling meetings such as poker evenings should be allowed in Singapore. ((©quinonesnaomy/Pixabay.com)

New gambling authority: First official act

Singapore is a gambling stronghold. Of the Highly modernized city -state Is the home of the world -famous casinos Marina Bay Sands, which protrudes like a floating yacht into the sky. Every year the metropolis attracts umpteen gamblers from Asia and all over the world. The casinos are an important source of income, but politics is aware of the importance of strict regulations and has in the past strict rules of the game determinedWhich, however, should now be relaxed at a certain point.

Gambling in Singapore At the beginning of the 2000s, the game of chance in Singapore was still banned. For a long time, politics stated that casinos would attract the mafia and money laundering. However, at the same time, they were jealous of Macau, the greatest gambling metropolis in the world. So there was resistance within Singapore against the restrictive handling and in 2010 the first casino was created on the island of Sentosa. A little later, the Marina Bay Sands followed a gambling temple, which is now considered a landmark. The two casinos of the city state now make more sales than all casinos in Las Vegas.

Since August 1st Has Singapore a new gaming authority, who would like to legalize private gambling as the first official act in a reasonable and reasonable framework. To date, meetings, events or events that aim at gambling activities have been strictly prohibited. That should change in the futurethe people in singapore will be allowed to meet the law to meet friends or acquaintances for a poker or mahjong evening. however the people in singapore will be allowed to meet the law to meet friends or acquaintances for a poker or mahjong eveningthe people in singapore will be allowed to meet the law to meet friends or acquaintances for a poker or mahjong evening. however however the legitimation goes hand in hand with some conditions. This form of gambling without a valid license is only allowed if it takes place in private rooms such as your own apartment. In addition, the players involved must not organize such meetings with a commercial intention. As soon as real profits are generated by gambling events, they are illegal. In principle, the new authority would like to classify the gambling privately as a pure form of entertainment.

No private gambling events on the Internet

The new law only allows private gambling events analogously. Means: It must be a physical meeting. Accordingly, the legitimation does not include the Internet. Poker, Mahjong or other games are allowed with friends or acquaintances not gambled on private online platforms will. as the reason for the rule interpretation, the new authority stated that the surveillance is too complex. in practice, according to a spokesman, it is extremely difficult to identify and determine the relationships between the respective participants online. the enabled The circumvention of the legal provisions. In this way, fraudsters could camouflage their commercial intentions behind the social gambling and put money past the state.

Online gambling in Singapore Gambling providers may pursue their commercial shops in Singapore and offer their products online if they have an official license. Since private gambling meetings fall under the social gambling and must not be profit -oriented, legislation differentiates at this point. In order to suffocate gray areas, overlaps or inconsistencies directly in the germ, the new authority prohibits private gambling online.

Illegal gambling: legal consequences

In the course of the legal relaxation for the private gambling, the new gaming authority also addressed the criminal consequences that In the fight against illegal gambling should come into play. in the event of violations, according to the supervision, the Organizer of the private meetings for accounting. They face sensitive fines. If it is licensed gaming operators, they can permanently lose their concessions depending on the severity of the offense. Other restrictions are also possible. However, the authority has not (yet) given precise information.

Possibility for gaming operators As part of the new regulation, smaller commercial gaming providers should have the opportunity to offer their products in their private rooms on a professional and regulated basis. However, the prerequisite is a special license that must be obtained by the new authority. For now, it should be possible to offer sports betting and lotteries on a small scale. On the other hand, the so-called proxy bets that run via a middleman are prohibited. Since these cannot be traced back and are very susceptible to money laundering, the authority pushes a stop here.