Security and mobile gambling study shows gambling trends of the future

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Maximilian Deininger July 26, 2019

Studies in the field of gambling often aim to show the economic development of the industry or to present the dangers and risks of the business. Now an investigation by the US company Iovation Inc. has dealt with a slightly different question. Namely: What are the trends of the gaming industry? And what can be expected from gaming companies in the future or what needs do customers have?

Iovation Inc. mainly deals with opportunities to make the Internet more secure for business purposes.

Mobile gambling on the advance

That gambling for years an unprecedented change runs through, should now be clear. not only that new games of chance itself like the slot machines ensure a new, digital gaming experience, but also where and how is played, has changed significantly. online roulette or online poker enable a quick, time and place-independent game today. how strong this trend is now pronounced, this question went to the business information agency TransUnion good company iovation Inc.undefinedafter,undefinedwhichundefinedwasundefinedonlyundefinedfoundedundefinedinundefined2004undefinedandundefinedhasundefinedbeenundefineddealingundefinedintensivelyundefinedwithundefinedmobileundefinedgamblingundefinedsinceundefinedthen. inundefinedOne of the latest studies if the company, which also tries more security for consumers on the internet, dealt with the development of the gaming industry in the mobile sector. the results confirm the development, which can apparently be observed everywhere. the trend towards Mobile Gaming with the payments. in 2012 there were already online casinos, but only around $ 100 million from customers were paid into online casinos by customers in online casinos annually. in 2018, the number is already $ 500 million! in addition, more and more payment modalities are being handled with mobile devices. iovation also provides meaningful figures for this: seven years ago, only six percent of all financial transactions were handled with online casinos via the smartphone. last year the value was already 70 percent. the use of mobile payment for deposits in the online casino increased annually by a whopping 95 percent!

“We analyzed more than 518 million transactions aggregated from over 100 gambling operator and platform providers.”

Google supports online gambling providers

The is not entirely unimportant for the positive development of the gaming industry on the Internet Focus on online casino apps. not too long ago, many online casino providers were limited to offering their games only via the browser. this made it particularly difficult to play mobile in the internet casino. the fact that many gaming companies waived their own app was primarily due to the fact that the Developers of the large operating systems refused to offer casino apps via the app portals. Apple as a developer of the iOS operating system, which, for example, uses iPhone and iPad, has recently banned all gambling apps from their own App Store. On the other hand, Google does it differently. the developer of the android operating system has strict rules regarding the development of gambling apps that are to be offered via the google play store, but recently loosened them, so that it will be easier for programmers, for customers of online casinos adequate casino to develop apps. also not to be neglected is the result of it, so to speak, Device cross-game games offer. Since customers of many online casinos can now freely decide which device they want to play on, the number of active players and seasons consistently increases, which is particularly noticeable for gambling companies.

Security and fraud cases further topics

In addition to the mobile gambling, the study also focused on the subject of security, which is known to be under discussion when it comes to developing online gambling. In this case, however, security is considered from the perspective of the providers, which are also With fraudulent activities have to deal. since iovation inc., as mentioned, mainly strives for more security on the internet, the company also gave tips on how online casinos can protect itself more effectively from fraud in the course of the publication. the focus is particularly on protection against customers who Use bonus offers improperly.

“We started iovation in 2004 with the belief that the internet should be a safe place for people to do business.”

Bonuses for online casinos are currently the marketing tool par excellence to inspire customers to play in their own internet casino. However, these bonuses are usually subject to the terms and conditions, which usually state that A bonus only once from a registered player may be used. Fake personal data and multiple accounts But are not uncommon. In 2015, for example, 50,000 fraud cases were counted with online casino bonuses. In 2018, the number climbed to questioning 210,000 cases. This is precisely why Iovation online casino providers is pushing to invest more in the development of new technical security standards. Ultimately, this also happens in the company’s own interest.