Turkish gaming market: Scientific Games takes the first steps

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Maximilian Deininger 18. September 2019

A few days ago, the US company Scientific Games Corporation published an official press release in which the gambling giant announced that it has started cooperation with a joint venture company called Şans Girişim with the state-owned Turkish gaming company Şans Dijital. Here, Scientific Games, a gaming developer, will set up a total of 5,000 betting terminals in Turkey under the name Opensports ™. In addition, six new sports betting portals were launched. Scientific games will also intervene with software solutions and own products in the area of national lotteries in Turkey.

The Turkish gaming market has taken it to the US company Scientific Games Corporation. (©Pixabay)

The legal situation makes the cooperation difficult

The news of the cooperation of one of the largest US companies in the gambling industry with a state gambling company in Turkey initially caused astonishment, after all, in Turkey actually applies A nationwide ban on gambling. however, the corresponding paragraphs in the turkish law, which are intended to capture and describe the illegality of gambling, are a linguistic pedal dates. the literal interpretation plays a crucial role. two definitions occur again and again in the turkish laws: “kumar”, gambling translated into American, and “şan’s oyunları”, also translated in American. while “kumar” stands for illegal gambling, the gambling, which is referred to as “şan’s oyunları”, is Legal if it is officially licensed by the state and the responsible authorities. This includes, for example, the sports betting very popular throughout the country. Exactly this area of legal Turkish gambling has chosen the US company Scientific Games for cooperation. In March of this year, the company had already announced an upcoming cooperation with the Turkish, state gambling provider Şan’s Dijital. Şans Girişim, the name of the new joint venture company, hat An official license for sports betting (Iddaa) get over ten years.

Everything a question of definition? it appears confusing that a question of definition, about the interpretation of words, legality or illegality of gambling. the background is as follows: in the turkish criminal code, the word “kumar” is defined as a game, which is based exclusively on chance or happiness. the profit or loss cannot therefore be predicted. these games include roulette, poker or slot machines. the term “şan’s oyunları”, on the other hand, is defined in the turkish criminal code as a game in which profits can be achieved. this includes immediate competitions, number games, lottery and also sports betting.

Good prospects for success

Many areas of gambling are under a ban in Turkey. Nevertheless, the prospects for Scientific Games are quite good. After all, for example, the state sports betting market is in Turkey For several years in a global comparison of the sales figures of state gambling in one of the first three places. There are therefore sufficient incentives for the US company. Rather, the question could arise in which form the Turkish state benefits from the cooperation. Sinan Oktay, board member of the former Şan Dijital, has clear ideas and expressed his enthusiasm for the project:

“Our teams worked together excellently on this important project. We appreciate the aim of scientific games to maximize the Turkish government’s tax revenue and we look forward to a partnership with one of the world’s best entertainment companies. ”

In the official press release from Scientific Games for the joint venture, it was clearly read that the US company also the sales figures and the resulting profit made the center. The Turkish state immediately benefits from the due taxpayers. The managing director of Scientific Games, Barry Cottle, confirmed this path:

“Thanks to the unique merging of the strengths of our lottery and technology teams, we have found a complete market-leading sports betting solution and we feel honored to have been selected by Şan’s Dijital and the Turkish government, on one of the world’s leading markets with our sports betting -Program to maximize profits. “

In order to be able to successfully go on the planned path, 5,000 distributed and newly placed Wave ™ betting terminals should help. Six new online portals for sports betting were also set up. Although remains The betting market continues to, but the cooperation with a large, well-known US company from the gaming industry introduces the exciting but also complex further way to the future of gambling. However, it remains to be seen whether and to what extent the sales and the associated tax levies also increase in reality.