Sat.1 Plant Show with gambling

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Peter Brandt 10. April 2021

The TV broadcaster Sat.1 sends a new show format into the race, which should also contain gambling elements. The program is marketed under the name “Rolling – The Quiz with the coin” and, according to the marketing company Sevenone Media, is to represent a combination of quiz show and gambling. Celebrities compete against candidates in order to gain the highest possible amount of money.

The new Sat.1 show is based on a slot. ((© Aidahahowe / Pilayay)

Slots and gambling elements

Sat.1 is the oldest private broadcaster in USA and, despite multiple show concepts, lags behind the ravages of time. While the sister channel ProSieben with formats such as “Joko and Klaas – duel around the world” lands one quota hit after the other, Sat.1 sees himself doomed to fail with its own broadcast ideas. The previous evening quiz shows „5 Gold Rings“ And “Letters Battle” still doesn’t give the market shares that you had actually hoped for at the station. That should change with the new show. For this is even put on a completely unused concept: gambling.

The new show is still running under the working title “Rolling – the quiz with the coin”, but about the process and the construction of the show, the public already knows. A total of three teams should compete against each other, each of which will consist of an unknown candidate and a prominent person. The couples have to try in a total of 15 rounds to roll a coin into one of the ten slots of the so-called “rolling machine”. This is a central component of the game principle and resembles the classic slot machine from casinos and casinos.

The individual slots embody various amounts of money that the teams can earn by clever roles of the coin. To make it a little more exciting Sat.1 has expanded gambling mechanics with a quiz segment. After rolling the coin, the teams have to answer a question correctly so that the corresponding amount actually hikes to their own account. In the course of the show, the couples have the opportunity to further increase the amount. However, if you want too high, you run the risk of losing everything. If you combine the highest amount of money in your account after 15 rounds, you can try to win everything in the big showdown with a last coin towering.

Moderator & Start. At the current time, Sat.1 is still covered with further details about the new show. Among other things, it is not yet clear when exactly “Rolling – the quiz with the coin” will run on TV. Only early summer is publicly communicated as a possible start. It is also not known who will moderate the show.

Attractive for advertisinggrations?

SAT.1 and the marketing company Sevenone Media propagate “Rolling – The Quiz with the coin” as an extraordinary show with a unique concept. The combination of gambling and quiz would never have existed in this form. Due to this starting point, the TV station hopes that the advertising landscape is very interested. Interested companies have the opportunity to use the “sales ” of the television station to inform about potential advertisements or other options of the advertising integration.

Legal advertising for gambling. The obvious search from Sat.1 for advertising partners should narrow down the broadcasting station of the new show. The new state of gambling (GlüStV), which is due to enter into force on July 1, 2021, specifies a time restriction for gambling advertising, which may only be broadcast between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. “Rolling – the quiz with the coin” will most likely run in the later broadcast on Sat.1.

Sat.1 with brave approach

With the new show format, Sat.1 follows a bold approach and dares to break a public taboo. Since broadcasts with gambling content have been critically eyed again and again in the past, the corresponding shows are not exactly bristling with durability. Skepticism compared to gambling is too great in USA.

Last but not least, this shows the media reporting about the industry and personalities that are connected with gambling content. This is how the famous one came Ex-Casino-Streamer Jens „Knossi“ Knossalla At regular intervals into the crossfire of various media institutions. The satirist Jan Böhmermann and the ZDF magazine Frontal 21 did not save with criticism and last year Knossi accused young people and minors to gamble.

Public echo or quota hit? Sat.1 should very well be aware that “Rolling – the quiz with the coin” will ensure a lot of conversation. However, this will most likely give the show a lot of influx, since a potential discourse in public will attract attention. However, it remains to be seen whether the gambling quiz is ultimately a mass-compatible format.