Sands invests in online gambling

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Peter Brandt July 16, 2021

The US gambling company Las Vegas Sands is intended to invest more in the digital market. The group wants to align itself in a contemporary manner and give up its conservative corporate philosophy compared to online gambling. The Big Player recently announced this by press release. The planned investment relates to digital gaming technology solutions and should provide the industry with modern services.

The US gambling company Las Vegas Sands is intended to invest more in the digital market. ((© Pisirivimoltayaya / Piaxabay)

Digital gaming market in boom phase

Hardly any industry has developed as much in recent years as that Gaming industry. The rapid growth is based especially on the booming online marketthat was treated restrictively by most states not too long ago. As a result, it was only occasionally possible for the player, on a serious and above all Legal online game offer to resort.

Worldwide sales increase. The gross player yields of the global gaming market have grown enormously in recent years. In 2003, the industry already generated $ 240 billion. Almost 8.2 billion accounted for the online market. Around 17 years later, the industry almost doubled its sales. According to the “Research and Markets” data survival platform, sales last year climbed to around $ 465 billion. The digital gaming market has earned over 50 billion.

The status quo is currently a completely different one. Many countries have restructured politically and that Online gambling game equipped with a modern legal framework. Serious and established industry players are allowed to offer their range of games legally on the net with reservations of a respective happiness. As a big player in the industry, Las Vegas Sands also meets all the requirements to operate in the digital gaming market. But the US group had held distance from the booming online segment until the end.

The reason for the conservative corporate orientation was that Keeping of the founder and long -time CEO Sheldon Adelson. This had always spoken out against an expansion to the online gambling market and, until his death in January 2021, Eisern pursued the conservative strategy to invest exclusively in terrestrial gambling. However, his successor Robert Goldstein now wants to break up the previous corporate philosophy and set up the group with a digital campaign in a contemporary manner.

Services for industry

According to the official press release, the strategic investment of Sands should be targeted Concentrate on B2B solutions for the digital gaming market. Ideally, other companies in the industry are to be supplied with modern services. In its message, however, the group did not mention which offers and services are specific. However, an investment team was launched to analyze the current market situation and filter out a corresponding demand. In this regard, Goldstein said in a statement that the new digital campaign would expand Las Vegas Sands management position:

“Sands is determined to expand its leadership role in the gambling industry and to secure future growth through strategic steps. Digital gambling and other offers associated with it are still in a very early stage of development and we believe that there is a suitable opportunity to invest in the technologies to be developed. ”Robert Goldstein, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Official press release from Las Vegas Sands

Competition with a lead

It is obvious what intentions Las Vegas Sands have with his digital offensive, but the US group has left open to date, how The exact implementation will look. Nevertheless, Goldstein is confident about the planned investment in the online market:

“We believe that the platform, the know -how and the financial resources of our company will offer enough opportunities to grant Las Vegas Sands considerable and, above all, long -term advantages. The planned investments in digital playing technology will take patience and time, but in the long term they promise returns for both our company and for our shareholders. ” Robert Goldstein, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Official press release from Las Vegas Sands

Despite the euphoric promises of the future, the Sands CEO will be aware that the entry into the online gambling was announced with a delay. Adelson’s strict dislike against the digital market promoted Sands in this area. Because the Well -known competition has long been working on the Internet. For example, Caesar’s entertainment has increasingly geared his gaze to digital business due to his billion -dollar takeover of the bookmaker William Hill.

It cannot be said at the present time whether Las Vegas Sands will also take so much money to equip the planned digital campaign with the necessary financial foundation. That the Gambling group has the necessary fundsbut is out of the question. In March 2021, the company separated from its casinos to Las Vegas. The sales prices were $ 6.25 billion.