Increasing sales with the help of digital progress!

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Lennart folder January 3, 2019

The global gambling industry is expected to generate sales of $ 525 billion by 2023. The online market has the greatest growth. With the start of the online casinos, access was only possible via a downloadable game surface that had to be installed on a PC. After that, the operators started offering casino games directly on a website using the flash player. In order to arrive in the 21st century, online casinos could not avoid supporting mobile devices.

According to a current study by Market Insights, stationary casinos will achieve an average annual growth of four percent by 2023 on the global market. However, the annual growth in the online gambling area is expected to be 10.5 percent. the increasing power of online casinos then becomes more noticeable in the market share. The land -based casinos will lose three percent of the market share and only reach 42 percent by 2023.

Popularity of live casinos is increasing

The high growth of online casinos can also be explained by the increasing popularity of live casinos. The integration of live dealers enables the operators of casinos on the Internet to get closer to the game in a real casino. Many users can also be convinced of this. You can thus combine the comfort of online gambling with the atmosphere of a casino.

In addition, with the growing up of the millennials, another market for sports betting has opened up. The higher popularity of e-sports brings an additional bandwidth into the clientele. Spectators can also bet on e-sports encounters-also in mobile apps. The walk to a betting office is actually out of the question for this target group. The encounters are usually transmitted via live stream, so that online access to the betting options is obviously predestined.

The triumphal march of mobile devices also contributes to the success of the online casinos. The constant availability – even on the go – of the games via mobile apps enables easy access at any time and at any location. In all countries around the world, this ensures that more players find their way into online casinos and save themselves to a stationary casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile casinos

On a mobile device, the surface is not taken over one to one by the desktop variant. There are some differences that can be seen. Although the smartphones are now very powerful, the screen is obviously significantly smaller. Many users who can dive into the casino atmosphere on a large screen are sometimes less fun. This problem is less pronounced in tablets.

They are also limited due to the battery life. The representation of the graphics and animations in the casino games requires a high computing power, which requires the battery more. But thanks to power banks and public sockets, this problem is also rather secondary.

For this you are equipped with freedom to play anywhere and at any time if you have an internet connection. Above all, this point contributes to the great growth of online gambling because the round brings fun in between and (waiting) time. True to the motto: “Kleinvieh also makes crap”, the online casinos generate a large part of the sales.

In order to make mobile gaming even more attractive, many online casinos also offer special bonuses for those players who use the app on a mobile device. In addition to the welcome bonus, which also counts for the desktop variant, there is also free spins or a no-deposite bonus.

App Store Gambling-Apps

In addition, the technology has developed so well in the past decade that the control is very simple and intuitive via touchscreen. In many cases, the software for mobile apps is structured so that it is even simpler to use than the applications on the PC. Playing on the smartphone is also recommended if several people have access to the computer. Children in particular should not be able to take part in the games on the calculator with the online casino access. With a smartphone you have control yourself in your hand.

The performance jumps also make it possible not to be stingy with the graphic stimuli with the casino apps. The mobile end devices are also able to transfer the popular streams of the live dealers. However, not all providers have the entire games of the desktop variant in the repertoire. In case of doubt, you have to do without some games. Otherwise, the decision is whether mobile or desktop version is a question of taste. However, the forecast for the user numbers of mobile casino apps is very positive.

The advantages for online casinos to launch their own app are therefore numerous. Nevertheless, there are also hurdles, because of course apps also have to be downloaded-and there is usually no way around the large app download portals from Apple and Samsung. Apple was rigorous against gambling apps in the summer of this year and removed numerous gambling apps from their own App Store, although providers were also affected that did not have much to do with gambling.

Our newsstand/news/magazine app just got removed from sale from the App Store 24 hours after our 3.0 update was approved. Reason given: gambling/fraudulent activity. We publish a magazine — nothing to do with gambling or fraud at all. ???? https://t.co/ewu3mE5FG5 pic..com/vaKtLthvkW

– Wojtek Pietrusiewicz (@morid1n) 9. August 2018

Since then it has only been allowed to offer casino or gambling apps via the App Store. In this way, Apple wanted to act primarily against fraudulent providers. Casino providers should be pleased, however, since more player protection is ensured and at the same time unpleasant competition is displaced from the market.