Sales figures 2018: Indian casinos reach new record

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Peter Brandt 23. September 2019

2018 was an extremely successful financial year for the numerous Indian casinos in the reserves. New record income could be reported almost consistently. This is evidenced by the annual report of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). It gives gambling income of $ 33.72 billion, which achieved a total of 241 recognized tribes in the United States of America in 2018. Only one region wrote red numbers. But the American casinos and casinos were also able to convince with record revenue.

The Indian casinos can look forward to record sales figures almost consistently. ((©wikipedia)

Positive sales figures with just one exception

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) was able to attract great attention with the publication of its annual report from 2018. Finally there was one from this Total growth compared to 2017 by 4.1 percent To read, even though in 2017 a sales record of $ 32.4 billion was set up by the Indian casinos. This was immediately blown up the following year.

What is the Nigc: The National Indian Gaming Commission, NIGC for short, is an independent US regulatory authority within the Ministry of the Interior in 1988. It was introduced in parallel to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to regulate the gambling offered by the Indians. At the same time, it forms the legal basis for the Indian gambling. The main task is to protect the gambling income of the Indian tribes. For this, the NIGC monitors all regulations of the Indian gambling casinos. A total of 520 casinos of 247 Indian tribes are operated in 29 US states. These are all under the control and protection of the NIGC.

The consistently positive growth figures reflect the development in all regions managed by the NIGC. This is also possible with the further development of the most online casinos accompanied. That The biggest was the Portland region, which includes the us states idaho, washington, oregon and alaska. 8.2 percent growth mean the best of all results. but also the 73 indian casinos in the sacramento region (us states of california and north nevada) were able to grow in 3.1 percent and generated sales of $ 9.28 billion. the washington region, which includes the us states of florida, mississippi, new york, alabama, louisiana, north carolina and connecticut, achieved equally very strong numbers. $ 7.52 billion was achieved in the indian casinos based there. 4.8 billion us dollar sales and thus an increase of 4.6 percent the st. paul region scored with the us states of indiana, iowa, michigan, minnesota, nebraska and wisconsin. even the rapid city region with its 36 indian casinos in the us states dakota, montana and wyoming recorded a slight increase in sales of 1.5 percent. In 2017 there was still negative growth. The commissioner of the Nigc, E. Sequoyah Sermeyer, commented on the numbers with the words:

“The annual gross turnover tells a positive story about the economic success of the Indian gambling and the contribution to the industry to a strong economy.”

American casinos also have record income

Not only the Indian casinos can show positive sales figures. The land-based US casinos also impress with growth. Again, in 2018 A new record of $ 41.7 billion be recorded. That means growth of 3.5 percent in comparison to the previous year, as can be found in the annual report of the american gaming association (aga). this means that the us casinos are just behind the growth numbers of the indian casinos. above all, the us state of nevada was able to speak with record sales of $ 11.9 billion and a growth of three percent. the us state of pennsylvania was also able to convince with sales of $ 3.25 billion. in terms of growth, however, nobody does anything to the us state of massachusetts. The greatest growth of 65.7 percent however, it is also directly connected to the reopening of the mgm springfield casinos last year. the first month of operation alone already played $ 27 million into the cash registers of the casino operator. the casino operator mgm resorts is also in parallel with strong competition with the indian casinos. since two indian tribes, the mashantucket pequot and the mohegan, who already operate the casinos of foxwoods and mohegan sun in connecticut, want to open another casino near the border with massachusetts, mgm resorts now even legal stepsto protect your own income. in august, the casino operator submitted a lawsuit to the us district court in washington, d.c. a. The allegation of violation of federal regulations is directed against the Ministry of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The background to the lawsuit is that the area where the new Indian casino is planned is not a tribal country. This would result in new jobs, but the MGM Springfield fears for the emigration of many of its players. The procedure will certainly be pulled in length because it is a lawsuit against the Ministry of the Interior, but the outcome remains exciting.