Revolutionize new technologies The gambling industry?

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Lennart folder 3. May 2019

There is nothing too new: digitization also means a big challenge for the gambling industry, but also offers opportunities. In particular, new technical systems could completely modify the gaming experience that is increasingly perceived online, thus address new target groups and expand the market noticeably. The focus is on concepts that use blockchain, virtual and augmented reality as well as speech recognition systems. But what could the implementation and implementation look like in practice?

In particular, new technical systems could completely modify the gaming experience that is becoming increasingly perceived online

Does blockchain technology enable new security standards?

For many people are Blockchain and cryptocurrencies still a book with seven seals. in fact, strong technical know-how is needed to understand the concept behind digital technologies, networks and encryption techniques. how this technology can then even be used practically useful is a completely different question. but the fact is that these disruptive technologies basically For every company and thus also every industry advantages can mean, and of course this also applies to the gambling industry. in fact, some online gambling offers are already based on blockchain techniques, even if this is sometimes not communicated publicly. blockchain itself is a kind of Decentralized database, a chain with different blocks. since this chain structure is stored on all computers that are part of the information chain, every user also has access to the information. for digital companies and service providers, which also include online casinos, this has an immense advantage that particularly affects the topic of security. because with the help of blockchain or cryptocurrencies are, for example Data loss according to hacker attacks de facto excluded. the almost impenetrable encryption and the infinite protection of the information on different computers make hacker attacks and data theft impossible. in malta, the european gambling stronghold ever, cryptocurrencies for gambling are now regulated, i.e. allowed. with this advance of the Malta Gaming Authority (s) It should then only be a matter of time before blockchain and cryptocurrencies are used holistically in online casinos.

“Have you ever thought about what banknotes that consist only of paper gives your value? It is the society that gives them value. And a few people who are enjoyed in my view now argue that virtual currencies can also be given value. ”

Real gambling experience thanks to virtual reality?

von Virtual Reality (VR) certainly heard some people, although not necessarily related to gambling. in fact, vr not only offers classic smartphone or console games a useful technology, but basically all offers that offer a digital all-round experience- and of course this also includes gambling. in fact, there are already some companies in the gambling industry that use virtual reality. of the Pokeranbieter PokerStars For example, a separate VR platform has launched the market with which it is possible to be up close despite the screen when the game at the round starts poker table. With the help of virtual technology, lifelike characters can be created on this west, which can then be controlled online and act as a own player image in the digital world.

Logical that this technology is also ideal for other providers such as online casinos. Lucky VR, for example, a VR company, enables customers to experience as in a real casino, even if the player is of course in front of the screen. This disadvantage tries to eliminate a completely different technology, namely the Augmented Reality (AR). this is primarily through the smartphone game Pokémon Go got famous. Here, digital content is linked to reality, so that both elements merge almost together. This technology will also be used in the gambling sector in the future. For example, it would be conceivable that a dealer “appears” using AR in the home living room. Players could still play at home, but somehow were somehow in a casino.

Even more real play thanks to language and face recognition

However, techniques that Language and face recognition enable. this in turn requires special hardware that would have to acquire and use online players themselves, but this should also be part of the standard equipment of a desktop pc or laptops or even tablets in the near future. with these technical aids it would be possible Scans of face or voice to take. digital copies of real people could be created, which in turn could be transferred to a virtual world. in virtual space, the gaming experience could then be made even more realistic by virtual reality. in the long term, it should even be possible via sensors, real movements as well gestures and facial expressions to be transferred to the respective personal avatar on the internet. a border between digital world and reality would hardly be available and a visit to the casino on the internet would hardly be distinguished from a digital trip to the online casino. there are no practical examples of this, but at least that technical requirements There are already available and usable for the implementation of such ideas. Until online gambling hardly differs from the real gambling, it should not take too long.