Request for Schleswig-Holstein: Stricter controls of advertising for online casinos

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Peter Brandt 25. September 2019

The Interior Ministry and the State Media Institute of Schleswig-Holstein were asked by the Hamburg gambling supervision in several letters to have websites of online Casinosthat are licensed there strictly by the special path by Schleswig-Holstein. The origin of this dispute lies in the controversial commercials of gambling providers who are prohibited in the rest of the Federal Republic.

Another trouble for the partially illegal offer of online casinos. ((© image source)

Advertising ban for online casinos

The Hamburg gambling supervision has turned to the Interior Ministry and the State Media Institute in Schleswig-Holstein in several letters and expressed the demand in which advertising bans for the controversial online casinos. According to the letters, the northernmost state of USA must ensure compliance with the editions of the online casinos licensed and resident in Schleswig-Holstein. Among other things, this includes the Forbidden advertising for online gambling providers in other federal states. In one of the letter from the Hamburg gambling supervision to the Interior Ministry in Kiel it says:

“The advertising activities of the Schleswig-Holstein permits (…) have to be avoided in the area of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. We assume that within the scope of your supervisory activity you will take sufficient account of the territorial principle and will ensure that advertising in Hamburg will not find any distribution. ”

Northernmost state goes a special route

The dispute between the federal states is only possible because The state of Schleswig-Holstein a special path in the area of licensing of online casinos goes. According to the State Gambling State Treaty, online casinos that can be played with real money, prohibited in USA. Only the northernmost state of USA is an exception, as some gambling providers have issued a license for their online casinos. However, the restriction is that in return their performance without exception players from their own state be allowed to offer. accordingly, according to the hamburg gambling supervision, the service of the online casinos should not be advertised in other federal states. nevertheless, there are currently regular commercials from online casinos like Push or Wunderino to see. At the end of the respective advertising there is always an indication that the offer is aimed exclusively at players from Schleswig-Holstein. Nevertheless, various research from journalists showed that advertising is also used, To recruit players from other federal states, which already led to disputes between the federal states in numerous cases. At the beginning of the year, the licenses for the online casinos in Schleswig-Holstein had expired, whereupon a nationwide advertising ban for online casinos was enforced. However, the licenses of Schleswig-Holstein were re-extended again, whereupon the commercials came back to TV.

Identical looking casino pages for players from other federal states

Like further research by the NDR, the providers trick like pressing luck. Due to the nationwide advertising spots, players become players an almost identical looking website lured, which also indicates the same and service data as the original page, on which those interested then also register from other federal states, can deposit and play real money. However, there are officially two different companies based in Malta. However, the illegal and non -licensed parallel website always shows when you have a simple Internet search for “Drückglück”. The Interior Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein announced that the facts were examined.

Nationwide law enforcement measures?

The allegations and requests for the action of the Hamburg gambling supervision also addressed the media facility. So be Advertising for illegal gambling punishable, which is why the relevant media companies “have to expect possible law enforcement measures.” A spokesman for the Hamburg interior authority commented on the disputes:

“We share the view that providers use the advertising permissible in Schleswig-Holstein to vie throughout the federal territory. We also assume that this advertising in Hamburg will continue to be banned. ”

The Ministry of the Interior in Kiel replied in a letter of answer that the allegations had been noted with astonishment, since to protect other federal states Extensive regulations for advertising online casinos are present. However, the disputes are not only limited to the conflict between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. All other federal states were also taught about the problem. In September there should therefore be a discussion round between the countries to find a solution to the problem.