Report on sports betting trends

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Maximilian Deininger 18. October 2021

In its first half of the year 2021, the Softswiss sports betting platform shows the current industry trends. According to his own statements, the provider evaluated the anonymized data of its ten sub -brands. The aim of the investigation was to filter out the latest developments in the sports betting segment. The focus was on the effects of demographic factors and the preferences of customers.

Softswiss attributes a large part of the betting revenue on football betting. ((©Fancy Crave/Unsplash)

Football remains the measure of all things

Football is generally the most popular sport in the world. On the European continent in particular, sport with round leather is a kind of cultural asset and an integral part of everyday life. This status will also be football in the half -year report of Softswiss just. The sports betting platform was not particularly surprising that the vast majority of the customer community in the first half of the year their bets placed on football games. Around 59.46 percent of the gross game yields came from soccer betting.

Tennis ranks far behind the most popular sport in the world. Softswiss attributes 23.47 percent to the prestigious sport. From a European perspective somewhat surprisingly, baseball (10.75 percent) is third in the ranking, followed by Cricket (4.75 percent) in fourth place. Both sports are more likely to be niche in most European countries. However, there with its many Softswiss various brands internationally active Is, betting is also very popular for supposed marginal sports.

Tournaments & leagues. The half-year report shows that Softswiss’s customers particularly like to place their bets on tournament and league games. With 42.27 percent of the betting income, the UEFA Champions League is clearly in first place. With the Premier League (20.48 percent), a football event also holds the front places. The ice hockey world championship, which took place from May 21 to June 6th, takes the third position with 12.6 percent, closely followed by the French Open Singles (10.79 percent).

Demography – clear distribution

In addition to the sporting preferences of the customers, softswiss also examined the demographic distribution in his report. The focus of the anonymized analysis was the age of the players. So does it Age group between 31 and 40 years the largest proportion (36.64 percent) of all placed bets. This is followed by customers between 41 and 50 years (26.34 percent). This means that over half of the betting income can be traced back to middle -aged people.

However, the younger generation is also strongly represented. This applies especially to the end of the game between 25 and 30 years. This Age group accounts for 21.3 percent of all bets. In contrast, 6.62 percent are due to 18 to 24 year olds.

Softswiss differed in his investigation between bets made and the amount of the operations. As a result, the sports betting platform wanted to achieve a concrete differentiation and show which Age group most contributes to the gross yields. In this regard, the 41- to 50-year-old customers are in first place with 64.23 percent. The end of the game between 31 and 40 years contributed 18.81 percent of the total income. The lowest proportion, on the other hand, is due to group 51+. Here the proportion is 2.56 percent.

Softswiss. The gambling group is both platform and software providers and has been part of the industry since 2009. The company has its headquarters in Malta and works with its “Softswiss Sportsbook” brand in countries such as Belgium, Belarus, Estonia, Nigeria and Curacao. In total, more than 100 online gambling brands are part of softswiss worldwide. Furthermore, the provider within the gaming industry is known as a progressive brand because he, as one of the first industry representatives, provides its customers with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Sports betting firmly in male hand

In public perception Sports betting mostly associated with men. This is not surprising, since male customers usually stay in national -based betting shops.

This cliché also seems to be confirmed in the online segment. According to the softswiss report, there has been a gender Typical result emerged. The sports betting platform attributes around 73.06 percent of the placed bets to men. The female proportion, on the other hand, only refers to 12.6 percent. The gambling group could not assign the remaining 14.34 percent, since no information was given in this regard.

Mobile sports betting. Mobility is an important aspect in modern society and does not stop at the sports betting industry. Softswiss came to the conclusion in his investigation that a total of 77.16 percent of all bets were placed in the first half of the year over the mobile sports betting apps of the in-house brands. With regard to the amount of the betting inserts, however, only 25.07 percent fall back to the mobile devices. The vast majority of 74.85 percent were generated above desktop PCs.