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A roulette table is usually the trademark of land -based casinos and it is no longer possible to think away from the digital arcades. The simplicity and the ordered game process distinguish this game developed in USA in the 17th century. The roulette rules are not complicated, but it is an advantage to understand them and deal with them in order to really enjoy the classic casino game.

On this page I will give you a roulette guide and explain the rules, the process and the structure of the gaming table. If you have carefully read the individual sections, you will be ready to put in online casinos like a professional or make your announcements to a croupier. First we will take a look at the basic roulette rules of the game and phases of the game. Then I show you variants and I present some of the advanced game elements. Finally, I answer some of the questions that I always meet when I explain beginners this wonderful game. Useful book recommendations complete this small roulette introduction.

The roulette basic rules briefly & briefly explained

The fascination of the boiler game is primarily its clarity. A ball is thrown into a rotating boiler with numbered pockets. The player places his bet in which bag the ball falls. If he is right, he wins, he is wrong, wanders to the bank. No other gambling that you can play in a casino is so easy to explain. However, so that the game runs in an orderly way, there are also rules of the game with roulette that you have to keep.

  • Put Before the game begins, the players put their jetons on the tableau. The croupier sometimes takes over in a casino.
  • The ball rolls After everyone has set, the croupier throws the play ball into the roulette boiler.
  • Gaming result As soon as the roulette ball has fallen into one of the numbered pockets, all players who have placed on this number are paid out.
  • Continue playing, changing bets, en prison Before the next round, you decide whether you want to continue playing or try a new bet. With the EN Prison Rule you continue to play with the last mission, but cannot change the bet.

No matter what variant you are playing, the order is always the same. You place your bets and then the ball is thrown into the boiler. Then you can collect your profit or think about what you are looking for next. It does not matter whether one or more zeros is played with one or 4 boilers. Take a look at mine Roulette variant Page if you are interested in varied variations of the game or read the Section on advanced rulesif you have already familiarized yourself with the process.


The roulette table

Almost all roulette tables consist of a kettle and the so -called tableau, the fields of application. Exceptions here are somewhat more unusual game variants such as the multiwheel roulette, which has several boilers or the pinball roulette, the boiler of which does not look like one, but rather reminds of the name -giving pub game. You can find modifications at the fields of application, for example, at the Card Roulette, where you rely on map values instead of ascending numbers. However, since most players are interested in the classic structure, I will take a closer look at this below.

The roulette boiler

Literally translated, roulette in French means the “little cog” that we call in the American kettle and which is the heart of the game. As already described, there are many exceptions and sizes, but but Typically, there are 37 pockets in it, the colors of which alternate between black and red and which are numbered from 0 to 36. The field is colored for the number zero green. In American roulette there is another field with a double rush, but more on that later. The roulette kettle can rotate in both directions and it is not unusual for a croupier to change the direction on every round. After the boiler is in motion, the ball is thrown into the opposite direction. This ensures that the result is really based on chance and that neither the player nor the dealer can predict or influence the outcome.

The zero and the double rull – the house advantage at the roulette table

The zero in roulette represents the house advantage. This is also the reason why every roulette table, regardless of which variant has at least one green field with this digit. All missions that have not been made to zero. Depending on the played roulette, they are completely or half lost or must remain on the table. Without this number, the likelihood would be an easy chance, e.g. setting on red or black, to win 50%. Progressive setting strategies such as the martingale strategy or To talk would then go beyond any bank because they would win infinitely. So that the casinos can cover their operating costs, the house edge at a roulette table with a simple zero is 2.7% and in American variants with an additional double ride at 5.3%. American casino operators made this change in the 19th century to increase their profits. Nevertheless, the payout rates of this classic casino game are quite impressive compared to the Modern online slot machines.

Always play at a roulette table with just a zero. Due to the low house advantage, your chances of winning are higher here.

The field of application

The roulette field is located next to the name -giving boiler. Here the players can place their missions by their Place the chips on the fields, represent the different bets. The arrangement of the fields is largely standardized. The zero is located on the left edge and, if available, the double. This is followed by the numbers 1 – 36 in three rows in ascending order. Here you can place the so -called inner bets. For example, you can put on a single number, place a jeton between two number fields and make a gritty bet, bet a street of 3 numbers, place a corner bet or evenly spread your use over a transverse over 6 numbers.

All around the number fields close More fields for the outer bets on. These include the simple chances such as red or black, straight or odd and 1 – 18 or 19 – 36. You can also bet on the first, the second or the third dozen or one of the three rows to the so -called columns.

Before you start playing roulette to play real money, you should familiarize yourself with the distribution of the numbers in the kettle, because they are not arranged there. Rather, she goes back to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. The arrangement is intended to prevent a bet from being advised and at the same time distribute the numbers evenly over the boiler.

Roulette instructions: The most important bets and their payouts

So we come to the basic roulette rules and payments. This should have internalized every player to successfully play at a roulette table. Despite all of this, the casino classic remains a game of chance and there is no guarantee to win for you. The only influence on the outcome of the bet you have is to place the jetons. Once the ball has got going, nothing goes: “Rien ne va “. Nevertheless, there are a number of bets that you can place. In order not to lose the overview, I will give you an overview of the possible missions and their payment.

As a small assistance for roulette payout, it can make sense to remember that the amount of the profit is related to the amount of the risk. The more likely it is that you win your bet, the lower your profit. On the other hand, your profit also multiplies with increasing risk.

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In the interactive graphic below, you will find an overview of all possible inner and outer bets that allow the roulette to rules of the game. It does not matter whether you play on an American or a European roulette table. The only difference is that with the variant with the double ride there is a bet on the first five and with just one zero bet on the first four numbers.

Interior bets:
Individual number / straight-up / Plein 35:1

Bet on a single number. This bet has the lowest probability and the highest payout.

Neighboring numbers / split / cheval 17:1

Bet on two neighboring numbers. Compared to the bet on a single number, the chance of winnings doubles while the payment is halved.

Querreihe / Street / full transversal 11:1

Bet on three numbers at once. The Jeton we set to the side by a series of numbers.

Vier Nachbarn / Corner / Square 8:1

Bet on four numbers at once. The jeton is placed in the middle between the four numbers.

Die Ersten Vier / First Four / The first four (EU) 8:1

Bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 at the French / European roulette

The first five / top line 6:1

Bet the numbers 1, 2, 3 and the two zeros in American roulette.

Two rows / six line / transverse simple 5:1

Similar to “neighboring numbers”; This bet covers two rows with six numbers.

Outside bets:
Dozen / dozen / Douzaines 2:1

Bet on a third of the tableau; Accordingly, 12 numbers are covered.

Kolonnen / Columns / Columns 2:1

Bet on a whole series of numbers; covers the 12 numbers of a column.

Browz UND Red / Black and Red / Niir thereure 1:1

Bet on a red or black number. Highest chance of winning, lowest risk.

Straight and odd / even and odd / pair et impair 1:1

Bet on a straight or odd number. Highest chance of winning, lowest risk.

Low numbers / low number / manque 1:1

Bet that a number is made between 1-18. Highest chance of winning, lowest risk.

High numbers / high number / adherence 1:1

Bet that a number is hit between 19-36. Highest chance of winning, lowest risk.

As a reminder: Inner bets are all bets on the numbers on the roulette field. The outer bets have their name that their fields of application are arranged outside the numbers on the tableau. They refer to the properties of roulette numbers such as black or straight and not to the numbers themselves.

The tableau on the roulette table is used to place the bets. To do this, the jetons are either directly on the desired number (s) or on the fields of application for the outer bets. The numbers on the tableau are arranged differently than in the roulette kettle itself.

Rules for advanced players

If you have familiarized yourself with the basic roulette rules and have understood how the setting on indoor and outdoor betting works, it is time to get into the matter a little deeper. It is sufficient for most players to understand the basic rules to have fun playing. So that you can also strategies for roulette such as Martingale or To talk Be prepared, I will explain further game rules and possibilities on roulette numbers in the following.

Setting limits and table limits in roulette

Every roulette table brings with it its own table and seed limits. These differ from casino to casino and should be easy to see in every game. Setting limits refer to the amount that may be placed on a certain bet. Tischlimits limit the sum of all placed bets. It is common for different bets to be set for different bets. In order to limit the profits and losses of the players and the casino, the limits with decreasing probability of winning increase. So it may be that you can put up to $ 400 on a roulette number on outer bets at the same table up to $ 10,000. Players who pursue progressive setting strategies such as Martingale or Paroli know that the limits at a roulette table are important for success. Since most of the setting strategies set on outer bets, it is worthwhile to look for a table that offers particularly high limits here.

The limits should also address and group different types of players. So there are offers for beginners or casual players in every casino, whether online or not, where you can play from a few cents. Virtual roulette tables in particular offer very low minimum inserts. The operations in the live area of online casinos and of course in land -based arcades are tend to be higher.

Regardless of whether you want to be high rollers, want to set strategies or just want to set a few cents for relaxation: first inform yourself about the limits before you sit down at a roulette table.

Announcement games and roulette series

Another way to place betting are the so -called announcement games. Originally, players were able to announce the dealer at the roulette table via “Called Bets” certain series that they only had to pay after the round. However, since playing on loan is reluctant to see or is prohibited in countries such as Great Britain, today only the distribution of the jetons on the tableau is left.

The more or less complex roulette series were traditionally placed by the dealer. Today, one click is usually enough in online casinos. I have put together the most important series for you to give you an overview. The roulette announcement games refer to different areas of the boiler and cover different areas of the set field.

The racetrack

In order to better visualize the announcement games, most roulette tables offer a so -called racetrack in online casinos. Here the numbers are arranged in the order as well as im boilers. This makes it much easier for the players to cover a specific part of the boiler with their bets. The roulette series refer to part of the numbers and are shown in the middle of the racetrack. You can also use neighbors here. Depending on the roulette rules played, you can rely on one or up to 9 neighbors of a certain number.

La partage and en prison regulate

Have some roulette tables Additional rules in the event that the ball remains on the zero. Don’t be fooled by the French names, American roulette can also be played with these rules. If you play at a table with La Partage Rule, you will get half of your effort back to simple chances if the zero falls.

EN Prison also refers to the case that the green field wins and that player has placed missions on simple opportunities. The operations are then “captured” on the field and have to be released. If the bet will be won in the next round, the use is released, but remains on the table again. If the bet wins again, you have doubled the original use.

The two special rules do not leave you empty should the zero fall. So you should look for tables that offer you the La Partage rule or en prison. Even if the first variant seems more uncomplicated, the second offers you the opportunity to win even though you have lost the original bet.

tips and tricks

Since roulette is a gambling, there is no permanent profitable strategy. However, you can do the House advantage Systematically minimize by always choosing a roulette table where the European rules are played. You should also make sure that the La partage and en prison regulate get used. So you can reduce the risk of loss when putting the simple chances if the ball falls on the zero.

Regulate books on roulette

If you want to further deepen your roulette rule, I can recommend a whole series of books. Of course you will find the basic rules of the game that I have already explained to you, but also other exciting details about the different variants. The list I have put together below also includes experience of successful players. After reading the roulette books, you should after one Online Roulette Casino Keeping an eye out. A good provider is, for example CasinoClub.

frequently asked Questions

This page should regulate the basic roulette and explain the structure of the roulette table. I have summarized the most important bets in a short roulette instructions for you, which are also Download for you. In the following I respond to some questions that I have only been able to cut briefly or not at all.

Which roulette variant has the highest chances of winning?

Due to the Doppelnull the chances of winning in American roulette are worse than in the European variant. Therefore you should avoid the first variant! If you want to bet a lot on simple chances, you should definitely look for a gaming table where the ODER sharing in Regeln prison are valid.

Can I still set while the ball is already turning in the boiler?

The same applies to the boiler game Roulette basic rules But there are differences here. With traditional casinos, you can also set if the croupier has already thrown the ball into the kettle – until it announces with the announcement “No More Bets” or “Rien ne va ” that no more bets are now being accepted. This is not possible in the roulette online casinos!

What about the “American Roulette”?

Both Live dealer Roulette variants You meet “American Roulette” more often. However, this is not an independent variant, but only roulette tables where a American -language croupier leads the game.

What is the house edge in roulette?

The house edge with a simple roulette table is 2.7%. But there is Roulette variants with zero and double rush. With the American Roulette with an additional zero, the house edge is higher. That is why the chances of winning with simple roulette are always better with a zero.

What are roulette game systems?

Mathematicians and passionate roulette players try to create higher chances of winning with certain strategies. The best known is that Martingale strategy which relies to doubles the missions in the event of loss. The is also known To speak strategically which essentially uses the same principle. Any strategy should always be enjoyed with caution, because in the end happiness decides on profit or loss.

Are there any rules of the game for advanced roulette players?

Rules for advanced players First and foremost are limited to various roulette strategies. Once you have decided on a system, it is important to adhere to it. There is also still Different roulette series Cover the different areas of the seed field.

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