Rap and casino in Las Vegas-the main thing is that bling-bling!

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Lennart folder December 14, 2018

The glittering world and the glamor of Las Vegas move a wide variety of people into the Nevada desert. But one fell man feels particularly comfortable there: the trendy artists of the American rap scene. Stars like Jay-Z or 50 cents make no secret of their love for gambling in the city of sin. But why is it so important for celebrities of the hip-hop world when they are seen in the well-known casinos while gaming?

Hardly a rapper can resist the glamorous world of Las Vegas.

Anyone who can appear in Las Vegas has undoubtedly made it. It is therefore hardly surprising that every rapper is waiting for the day until he is awarded his own show in the American city. Jay-Z, 50 cents or Nelly have done it on an international level to make a big name and were already allowed or were allowed to perform in Las Vegas. And this is more than just a nice gesture for you, because here you can pursue your passion that is not so secret every day: gambling. Many rappers are preferably dealing with bets in Las Vegas, while others prefer to sit at a poker table to measure themselves against other stars and asterisks in the bluff. The rapper Nelly has participated in several larger poker tournaments in recent years, although so far without the great success.

Nelly already took part in these large poker tournaments:

  • Main Event der World Series of Poker 2007
  • PokerStars European Poker Tour
  • Poker Buckier I President Casino in St. Louis

Connection of hip-hop and gambling no coincidence

as a american rapper, you usually do not exactly come from the upscale layers of society. unlike in this country, the rap beyond the atlantic finds its origin in the “ghettos” primarily inhabited by afro-americans, where poverty and crime still prevail. in the united states, many of the most talented hip-hopers grew up on the street and they fill out their often hard lyrics with their own experiences, which are shaped by the same crime and violence. gambling, i.e. gambling, is also very common in the american ghettos and the pastime and the source of income alike. Above all, the cube game CEE-Lo is often played. perhaps that is precisely why las vegas probably has such a fascinating effect on many hip-hopers. in las vegas, money and glitter rules, a dream that has become true for many american rappers. the fact that the gaming mecca las vegas has such a central importance for the us hip-hop is also due to recent history. this was exactly where it was where the greatest rapper ever for many people, tupac shakur, who was a passionate gambler in las vegas, was shot in 1996 after a boxing match by mike tyson. the murder has not yet been cleared up, but this too is A proof of why Las Vegas and the American hip-hop are inseparable.

Everything is seen

But not only the thrill and the thick bundles of roulette and blackjack tables are the interesting for many hip-hopers, it is primarily about showing that they are Stay in the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas and the lifestyle associated with it can afford.

As a famous musician, 50 cents and Co. of course also get access to VIP areas, the ordinary people will probably never see. Here you will be spoiled by highly qualified staff with the most expensive and exclusive delicacies and drinks that can be found in the world of rich and beautiful. One step further now only Jay-Z, who is currently planning, goes To open your own casino in Las Vegas. it remains questionable whether this costly dream can ever be realized. however, a large part of the rap stars are already satisfied with playing and makes no secret of having developed an affinity for gaming in a luxurious environment. however, a star would never be publicly presented which sums here end up in the pockets of the casino operators evening. but that’s exactly what it’s about. For many rappers in Las Vegas, winning is secondary. It’s about spending money without hurting. A stay at the casino can only be regarded as a nice pastime or as a image maintenance. Play strategies, money limits or responsible games are of no importance for rappers in Las Vegas.

Your own vegas show: that for many unreachable destinations

Many musicians dream of appearing in Las Vegas. Having your own show in the city where the glamor is at home is like a musical knighthood. In addition to many rap icons, well-known singers in Las Vegas were of course also on stage. Rawbie Williams has recently been able to look forward to this honor. The musician recently announced that he From March 2019 in the famous Wynn Hotel will get its own Las Vegas show.

The one started Big hype about the entertainment shows in Las Vegas probably with the legendary council pack around frank sinatra. since then, it may be the greatest honor in the music and show business, the many tourists and gambling pilgrims in search of the fat jackpot. whether celine dion or britney spears, tom jones or mariah carey, the list of great musicians who performed in las vegas is long, but only peppered with the big names of the music industry. but it is no wonder that this city attracts the big names from the entertainment area. because if you come to las vegas as a tourist, you may have the little dream of winning a lot of money there, but most of them are probably clear: above all, they will spend a lot of money. and so not only became the “sin city” The world capital of gambling, but also a stronghold for shows and concerts of the extra class.