Quarterly balance: Betsson increases sales

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Maximilian Deininger 29. October 2021

Betson was able to achieve a sales increase of three percent in the third quarter of 2021. This emerges from a published press release from the Swedish gambling group. According to this, the internationally active company was able to generate sales of 1.73 billion SEK (around 173 million $ ) to generate sales between July and September 2021.

The sports betting area has a large part in Betson’s increase in sales. ((©Richard Boyle/Unsplash)

Sports betting flourish

After several records in the previous quarter, Betsson had managed to achieve more total income in the third quarter of the current year. Although sales had increased by more than three percent, not all areas have contributed equally to their part for the good economic situation. For example, the income from the casino segment declined by two percent. The sports betting area, on the other hand, took a completely different development in the past quarter.

As can be seen from the press release, they are Income by sports betting increased by around 24 percent. The margin in this business area was 7.9 percent. As a result, the in -house sports betting offer is decisive for the economic success of the past few months. The Swedish gambling group was particularly able to rely on a high demand for digital offers.

Pontus Lindwall, CEO von Betson, explained in the company’s press release that the specific many football events the high demand would have provided during the period from July to September:

“The […] sales increase goes back to our successful sports betting offer, which experienced a high customer demand during the final round of the Euro 2020 and the Conmebol Copa América. The return of domestic footballers from mid -August also contributed. Overall, this has caused the sports betting sales to rose by around 24 percent. The increase in sales also benefited from successes in new markets such as Latin America, Croatia and Greece. “Pontus Lindwall, CEO von Betsson, Official press release from Betsson

Complex situation in the Netherlands

Despite the strong economic situation, from the perspective of the Swedish gaming company there would also be some developments within the past quarter to look at rather negatively be.

So have the Dutch gambling authority (KSA) At the end of September, a new guideline unexpectedly published that deviations from the previously communicated regulation. In terms of content, it is about the so-called cooling-off period. Gambling groups affected by the prescribed forced break would have to be received until the newly advertised license withdraw from the Dutch gaming market.

Gambling law in the Netherlands. The Dutch gambling market is currently heading for a new era. A corresponding law including a new licensing procedure has already been installed. In this regard, the KSA has asked all gambling companies that do not have a state concession in the Netherlands and are also not involved in ongoing licensing processes at the end of September to leave the country.

Due to the new guideline, Betsson has now decided to to be rejected on all of your own websites and platforms. However, this handling only applies temporarily and should ensure that ideal conditions and conditions for the upcoming licensing process are created.

The Swedish group continues to be very interested in a To be part of the Dutch gambling market. Although trust is still unshaked, the current measures are essential in order to continue operating in the Netherlands in the future. Meanwhile, the preparations for the license applications and for certification of the technical platform on the Dutch market would run in the background.

Expansion to the US market

Betson was able to report good news for his expansion project in the United States. The Swedish group has been investing in the US market And have expanded its commitment in the past few months. Preparations for the B2B offers in Colorado would continue to run accordingly and are accordingly on schedule. The final entry into the US gambling market should then take place in the first quarter of 2023.

In the press release for the past quarter, Pontus Lindwall speaks of an intensive time. As a collective, the company ensured, among other things, that the authorities’ obligation to report and the Technologically adapted platform to the US market became. In this way, it is now possible that the corresponding sports betting platform can enter the test and certification process.

US sports betting. The United States faced the sports betting very restrictively until the end. Private bookmakers and sports betting providers were prohibited on the US market according to the old legislation. However, a liberalization process has been taking place for some time. State states like Colorado now allow private providers under certain conditions. The legalization of the sports betting has triggered a huge hype that comes from both the player community and the respective players in the gaming industry.