Protest because of gambling blockdowns

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Peter Brandt January 13, 2021

In USA and Spain, the workers of the gambling sector protest against the ongoing Corona measures. Similar to USA and other countries on the European continent, the casinos, arcades and betting shops have been closed for several weeks due to the tightened lockdown and the existing measures against corona pandemic. The employees concerned in the two southern European countries no longer want to accept the current situation and advocate the reopening of the gambling sector.

Casinos and arcades have been closed since November 2020, so that the entire gaming market is paralyzed. ((© Bru-NO/Pixabay)

Resistance in the Basque Country

In Spain, the casinos, betting shops and arcades have had to keep their gates closed since November 7, 2020. The legal requirement is also implemented in the autonomous Basque Country, so that a nationwide gambling blockdown prevails in southern European country. But now there is considerable resistance in the Basque gambling sector, since the workers in the industry do not want to tolerate the tightening and extension of the applicable measures. According to the agree Spanish media should be around 2,000 workers from the 210 Basque arcades have merged to form an association to protest the reopening of the local gaming market.

Txarli Ayala, the spokesman for the merger,, according to Spanish media, not only calls for the immediate reopening of the casinos, arcades and betting shops, but also praised the general situation around Covid-19. For example, the entire gambling sector would be presented as a scapegoat of pandemic and from a financial point of view there would be urgent need for clarification, since salaries would continue to stand for some employees. At the same time, Ayala is said to have focused on the importance and importance of the work of the gaming industry and its actors.

Protest announced in Rome

USA is considered in Europe First big stove. Especially in rural areas with an underdeveloped infrastructure and inadequate medical care, the Corona virus was able to spread rapidly. Almost a year later, the country still doesn’t seem to have come to rest. The gaming market in USA has been subject to full restriction for months. Since the turn of the year, however, resistance is similar in Spain. According to information from the “Agimeg” industry magazine, a first demonstration was registered on January 5, 2021, which should be aimed at reopening the gambling sector. The protest movement was from the American gambling association “Giocareitalia” called out.

The demonstration for January 12th is planned. According to the “Agimeg”, hundreds of gaming industry in front of the American Chamber of Member will gather on the “Piazza di Montecitorio” and demonstrate for their cause. The gambling association explicitly calls on women working in the sector to make their voice heard.

Situation in USA

In this country, too, casinos, betting shops and arcades have had to be closed since the beginning of November 2020. Previously, numerous industry actors had tried to precisely implement the given hygiene measures of the individual state governments in order to continue to be able to offer their service. Since a new lockdown followed despite the efforts, the resentment and the concern was also great on the American gaming market. So showed the Industry Association “American Automatism Economy” (DAW) Incomprehension for the decided closure of the sector. Georg Stecker, board spokesman for the DAW, even predicted an increased Encounter illegal games of chancethat ultimately also arrived.