Protection against Corona: World Series of Poker 2020 postponed for an indefinite period

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Lennart folder 27. April 2020

The WSOP 2020 is moved due to the continued Corona pandemic. The unofficial world of poker championship is expected to take place in autumn 2020. However, a fixed date was deliberately not chosen by the organizers, since the complete effects of the corona pandemic and the further course are not foreseeable. The World Series of Poker, which was supposed to start in Las Vegas at the end of May, is the largest poker tournament series in the world and the annual highlight of the poker scene.

This summer Las Vegas cannot look forward to the world’s largest poker event, the World Series of Poker. ((©fva2105/Pixabay)

Poker scene agrees

die World Series of Poker Should take place in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas this time every year. The starting signal was planned for May 26, 2020. On Monday, the organizers now announced that due to Covid-19 and the continuing pandemic, the beginning of the “poker World Cup” is postponed indefinitely. However, as a new appointment Autumn targeted. The protection of players, spectators and employees does not allow a current edition.

However, the poker scene was not really surprised by the laying. Numerous live tournaments have already been canceled or postponed. Likewise, the so -called poker rooms have been closed almost worldwide since March. Various were on well -known portals or poker forums Professional players expressed positively, since the exchange of poker chips and the small distance at the gaming table would significantly simplify the transmission of the coronavirus. The danger must currently be minimized.

The USA is particularly difficult to affect coronavirus. “The United States of America are particularly hard affected by Coronavirus. With around 830,000 infected and already over 45,000 deaths, the United States alone has almost a third of global infection figures (as of April 22, 2020). With over 250,000 cases, New York hit it particularly hard. So far there have been almost 15,000 confirmed deaths. Since all casinos in the country are currently closed and it will probably remain for a while, the shift in the WSOP 2020 will not be surprising. When the output blocks are loosened, reopen shops or resume casinos again, the US states decide individually. Even if the president and parts of the population require a relaxation of the measures. The still significantly increasing infection figures make quick relaxation rather unlikely. ”

Health and protection of everyone involved come first

Executive director of the WSOP, TY Stewart, announced the cancellation on Monday. However, a shift has been assumed for a long time within the poker scene. The circumstances of the corona pandemic do not allow an alternative procedure at all. The organizers are now targeting one Operation of the tournament series in autumn on. However, when that will be exactly is and remains unclear. The scope of the discharge is also in the stars. Ty Stewart said:

“We are determined to carry out the World Series of Poker this year, but we need additional time to continue on our traditional scale and at the same time prioritize the well -being of the guests and employees.”

The current priority is currently clearly in the protection of employees and thousands of players. However, the summer should not pass by poker. Instead, a number of different ones should be in summer WSOP tournaments simply held online will. This contradicts the original thoughts of the tournament series, but adapts to the current circumstances and should keep the participants and poker fans happy. Ty Stewart also commented on this:

“Official WSOP competitions are expected to take place online this summer. We will shortly announce details about an extended series of tournaments that are to be played on WSOP.com and in partnership with international operators so that the players can chase the WSOP frantic from home. ”

From this and above all from the status quo of the Corona pandemic in autumn it will then arise in what form and scope the WSOP 2020 will take place. The main focus is of course on the main event, the unofficial poker world championship lie. Every year, thousands of participants compete and pay the juicy buy-in of $ 10,000. The situation at the European Poker Championship, the WSOP Europe in Rozvadov, Czech Republic is similar. A shift to autumn is currently planned here too. However, the further course of the Corona pandemic will be decisive whether the poker highlights will take place this year.