Positive balance 2018 for Novomatic AG

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Lennart folder 1. May 2019

It took a while, but the tension factor has certainly not fallen off in the meantime. Now she was finally published: the balance from the 2018 financial year of Novomatic AG. One of the largest gambling groups in the world was able to draw attention to itself in 2018 with extremely positive numbers. All important core markets have had growth. Expansion in Indo-Pacific space is also to follow.

One of the largest gambling groups in the world was able to draw attention to itself in 2018 with extremely positive numbers.

Strong sales development

The balance from 2018 of Novomatic AG underpins the Status as one of the largest gambling groups in the world. this was already expected before the figures of the past financial year was published, but the exact figures are still a real voltage factor every year. the numbers of the austrian group were expected this year with special excitement, after all, it was also necessary to master some hurdles last year. so the gaming machines in the catering sector and in the arcades in USA had to the introduction of the new technical guideline 5.0 be converted accordingly. In USA, on the other hand, the gambling group saw itself stricter legal requirements confronted that specifically aimed at marketing. the development of the numbers was therefore accordingly unpredictable. but according to the figures now published, novomatic ag seems to have defied all resistances. in this way, sales could be increased by a whopping ten percent compared to 2017. that means in detail that the Total turnover of 2,366.1 million $ in 2017 to 2,613.6 million $ could be increased in 2018. 63 percent of sales were created in the Gaming Operations division. Here Novomatic AG works as a machine displayer and operator. The remaining 37 percent fall on the Gaming Technologies area. Here the Austrian gambling group supplies other companies from the gambling sector.

“Already at the beginning of last year, a continued growing turnover was predicted. The fact that the development could be held over the entire year despite all the resistance was a little surprising for all of us. If one looks at the worldwide sales of the Austrian group in the gambling industry, they could even be raised by 3.9 percent to a total of $ 453 billion. ”

Positive development in many parts of Europe

However, the positive developments are not only limited to the American and Austrian market. Especially that Business in Spain was able to profil itself as a growth driver in 2018. a whopping 20 percent sales increase were recorded here. overall, novomatic ag’s sales in spain rose from eur 126.4 million in 2017 to eur 152.1 million in 2018. but also in USA, where difficulties were actually suspected due to the stricter legal regulations, could sales growth. The turnover of 371.7 million $ in 2017 grew to 401.1 million $ in 2018. No wonder that the CEO of Novomatic AG Harald Neumann also expressed itself positively and optimistically on the occasion of the balance sheet figures.

“Growth drivers were the European core markets, whereby the result of regulatory measures was influenced in USA and USA. The market positions in USA, the Netherlands, USA, Spain and Eastern Europe will continue to be expanded in the future. In the past, plenty of acquisitions have been made to be positive ”

The Austrian gambling giant also recorded positive figures at home, which, among other things, should be happy. After all, Austria generated solely by Novomatic AG Tax revenues of around 101 million $ . In 2017, the value of the income was still around 91 million $ . At the world, Novomatic AG even paid gambling taxes of around 500 million $ . The positive sales development is also directly connected to the number of employees. In Austria alone, over 3,000 people from over 70 countries work for the group. The total worldwide number of employees increased from 23.004 in 2017 to 23,495 in 2018.

planned expansion in the Indo-Pacific area

In abroad, however, is still far more development potential. this could not only have positive figures. the subsidiary agt of novomatic ag, which mainly moves on the american gaming market, was responsible for depreciation of around 264.3 million $ in 2018. the stock market course also had to deal with sometimes violent fluctuations, which is why the ceo also replaced by the previous vice president of global sales at novomatic ag, lawrence levy. however, new growth should above all planned expansion in the Indo-Pacific area trigger. Novomatic AG is already in close cooperation with the Indo Pacific Gaming and wants to expand it. This is intended to create new growth potential, for example in markets in Sir Lanka, Laos or Cambodia. It remains exciting to wait and how the numbers from this year are composed in the next balance sheet.