PokerStars: Neymar becomes an advertising medium

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Lennart folder January 1, 2021

The poker platform “PokerStars” presented football star Neymar Jr. as a new advertising medium. This means that the self-proclaimed “largest poker school in the world” succeeded in a large marketing coup shortly before Christmas. The Brazilian megastar is one of the most dazzling figures in football and is also an extremely influential character outside the sports world.

The Brazilian superstar will probably be seen as an advertising figure in the PokerStars campaign “I’m in”, which is planned for 2021. ((©ASSY/Pixabay)

The perfect combination?

PokerStars has been looking for a suitable advertising character for the planned marketing campaigns for a long time. With Neymar the poker platform seems to have found the ideal partner. The 28-year-old Brazilian is not only one of the most influential people in the whole world, but also has a glowing passion for poker. He had already showed his passion several times before the deal about his social media appearances. How exactly PokerStars However, the group left open the new brand ambassador to in -house marketing. However, it can be assumed that the industry giant Neymar is firmly for the „I’m in“-Kampagne has planned, which is scheduled to start in 2021 worldwide.

Although the poker community has to be patient until the first advertising appearances of the football icon, you can feel great anticipation in PokerStars in view of the partnership. Martin Nieri, Global Director of Brand and Creative bei PokerStars, enthusiastically looked into the future and in his official statement raised the common connection between Neymar and PokerStars to the poker:

“Neymar Jr. is a real global superstar. But what underpins this partnership is his real love for the poker. It is about a common passion for the game and the beautiful uncertainty in the heart of the game. At PokerStars we constantly try out new things to offer our customers new energy, excitement and entertainment. Together with Neymar Jr. we believe that we can bring this to the next level for the PokerStars community. ”Martin Nieri, Global Director of Brand and Creative bei PokerStars, Official blog post from PokerStars

Neymar: icon of the modern age

Neymar Jr. seems to be the perfect line-up for the advertising and marketing efforts of PokerStars. The Brazilian is one of the biggest stars in world football and The most expensive player with a transfer fee of 222 million $ that has ever been transferred between two clubs. Superlatives with which poker stars also like to adorn themselves – “largest poker school in the world”. At the age of 28, Neymar has already played 103 times for the Brazilian national team and scored 64 goals. He has been playing for Paris Saint-Germain since 2017. The career and the associated influence of the megastar reflect an image that Pokerstar will most likely use profitably.

The passion for the poker is the “Cherry on the cake” And makes the decided deal almost inevitable. Similar to the poker platform, the Brazilian was delighted with the partnership and underpinned his competitive character in an official comment, which drives him both in football and poker:

“Poker is my great passion. It allows me to prove myself outside of the soccer field, and I am happy about every opportunity to measure myself against my opponents, to demonstrate my skills and to accept challenges. I want to feel the thrill at PokerStars and also win the biggest prices when poker. ”Neymar Jr., Football professional with Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian international, Official press release from PokerStars

Resuscitation of an advertising partnership

The advertising aluminum between the football star from Brazil and the poker platform symbolizes a fresh start for both parties. Already in 2015, Neymar acted as an advertising and brand ambassador for PokerStars. At that time, the poker provider cooperated for his campaign with several known faces from the sports world. In addition to stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis icon Rafael Nadal Neymar also belonged to the prominent ensemble of the advertising medium.

The Brazilian had tremendous radiance five years ago, which has grown significantly again today. The megastar combines on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Over 240 million followers. With his record change to Paris, the partnership at that time ended with poker stars.

PokerStars advertising campaign 2015. Similar to the campaign planned for 2021, PokerStars also rely on Starpower in 2015. Even then, Neymar was part of the marketing campaign, which consisted of several small commercials and also staged stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal. Under the direction of director Vaughan Arnell, the clips were produced in Barcelona and Madrid. Each of the individual videos was about poker evenings with friends and emphasized the fun factor and the social and competitive components of the game. The spots were broadcast on television channels all over the world.