Poker star Lena Evans sues PayPal

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Lennart folder January 21, 2023

Poker player Lena Evans sues PayPal as part of a class action. The two -time winner of the World of Series Poker Circuit accuses the digital payment provider of the fraudulent, repressive and malicious behavior. Numerous US media recently reported. Evans had filed a lawsuit at the Federal Supreme Court in Northern California together with other affected people.

Lena Evans accuses PayPal of frozing a sum of $ 26,984 on her account. ((©Muhammad Asyfaul/Unsplash)

Frozen almost $ 27,000

In the class action, the poker player accuses the payment service provider that she has unlawfully blocked her account. Without warning or plausible explanation PayPal One Sum of 26,984 $ frozen. The monetary means are not their equity, but the financial basis for the “Poker League of Nations” (Plon). The non -profit organization was launched by Evans himself and collects money for women in need – for example for veterans or breast cancer patients.

Poker League of Nations. The non -profit organization was founded in 2017 and has set itself the goal of financially supporting women in difficult situations. At the same time, the Plon players try to introduce the global poker scene. Entry into the community is to be simplified via hosted events, tournaments and other formats. Great value is placed on the online division.

Away from the Plon, Evans has and manages another poker league – “Helix Poker”. PayPal plays an important role in financial coordination. Likewise, the account is yours Private life negatively impaired, because they buy and sell clothes online. The payment service provider plays an important role in the transactions.

Lena Evans as the main plaintiff

According to US media reports, Evans appears as the main plaintiff in the class action. Together with two other people from the business world, the poker player is that Drive horse of the legal discussion mit PayPal.

All three plaintiffs were illegally blocked because the payment service provider was one Violation of the “Acceptable User Policy” (AUP) would have punished that never took place. The plaintiffs had acted as part of the given guidelines. The confiscation of the money is therefore equally an illegal act. In the class action, there is talk of a highly questionable behavior and theft.

Acceptable User Policy. It is not included in the PayPal usage agreements, but rather accessible via a separate document. To do this, users must click on a hyperlink that leads to an external website. The AUP prohibits the use of the payment service for “illegal activities” and reserves the right to confiscate funds in the event of an infringement.

In terms of gambling, PayPal has become very careful over the past few years. Depending on the country and region, the group prohibits any transactions associated with gambling activities. In USA, for example, players can play the payment service not for online casinos Use that are based in the Federal Republic. In the United States also violate Poker tournaments From a certain point of view against the regulations of PayPal.

According to press reports, however, Evans has always moved in the permitted framework because they In licensed and regulated US casinos have organized. According to AUP, this handling is compliant and should not result in any consequences. In addition, the account locks are sometimes misleading because the other two main plaintiffs are not active in the gambling industry.

For this reason, the PayPal class action is accused of the cash funds Without an appropriate investigation to have frozen. The victims were not informed of the lock of their accounts in advance. As a result, there was no possibility to contest the decision or to defend itself accordingly.

Chris Moneymaker as a mastermind?

Industry and media experts speculate that Lena Evans was encouraged by Chris Moneymaker to submit a lawsuit against PayPal. The WSOP winner from 2003 and Poker Hall-of-Famer last complained about the group in June 2021 on Twitter. In the meantime the payment service has it frozen more than $ 12,000that he wanted to use for buy-ins in fantasy football. At that time, Moneymaker threatened a lawsuit together with his lawyer before an out -of -court settlement. PayPal made the money accessible again shortly after the public dispute.

Special lawyer. As can be seen from individual press reports, Evans works for the current discussion with Moneymak’s lawyer, Eric Bensamochan. He accuses PayPal of a large number of crimes – including unjustified enrichment, breach of contract and the violation of various federal laws in California. Due to the severity of the offenses, the lawyer claims the triple of the confiscated amount as compensation.