Pokerpros: Dispute over crypto shops

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Lennart folder July 20, 2023

A dispute has flared up between the Pokerprofis Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth because of dubious crypto business. The two Americans are an ambassador for two different crypto companies, which, however, have recently come to an imbalance due to questionable business processes and write negative headlines. Polk and Hellmuth then have a heated debate on Twitter.

Cryptocurrencies are not only relevant for ambassadors from the professional scene in the poker, but also because of use on online poker platforms. ((© Michał Parzuchowski/Unsplash)

Payment stop at Coinflex

The two crypto companies are Bitcoin Latinum and Coinflex. The latter is one Trade platform for cryptocurrencies And is advertised by Doug Polk. Bitcoin Latinum, on the other hand, acts as a separate and independent cryptocurrency. Ambassador is Phil Hellmuth.

Coinflex has fallen into disrepute in the past few months because the platform according to various media reports has been no longer approved Has. Accordingly, users could not access their money in June, which caused a lot of resentment and frustration. as Reason for the payment stop Meanwhile, Coinflex indicated monetary difficulties by the crypto investor Roger Ver. This created financial bottlenecks of $ 47 million.

Allegedly, the trading platform is said to have tried quickly to provide the outstanding amount so that the users can withdraw from their account. According to media reports, however, this project is said to have only partially worked. The entire incident has the Reputation of Coinflex destroyed sustainably.

When the news of the payment stop became public, Polk explained in a statement on YouTube that he officially resigns as a brand ambassador from Coinflex. In the 18-minute video, he keyed up the status quo of the scandal and moved all circumstances in perspective. At the same time, he emphasized that he was always transparent and honest with his fans and followers.

Doug Polk. Polk is a triple bracelet winner of the World Series of Poker and is considered one of the best heads-up players in the world. Like many other poker professionals, he started his career in the online scene, where he is said to have made more than $ 500,000 profit.

Bitcoin Latinum: Securities fraud & embezzlement

Bitcoin Latinum has done a similarly large scandal as Coinflex. The company and the same name cryptocurrency is based in California and became sued in civil law in February 2023. The accusation: securities fraud and embezzlement of funds. The focus of the event is the poker professional Kevin Jonna. The entire causa was only recently public.

According to US media reports, Jonna and Bitcoin Latinum are said to have sold securities from California that were not previously registered. This is prohibited by law. The securities should have been offered in the form of Latinum token. Your value becomes estimated at least $ 540,000. Bitcoin Latinum and Jonna are said to have put themselves in their own pocket.

Phil Hellmuth. He is one of the most successful and popular poker players in the world. Hellmuth won around 16 bracelets at the World Series of Poker. No other player is more successful. His previous income is estimated at just under $ 28.5 million.

Dispute on Twitter

Coinflex and Bitcoin Latinum have nothing to do with each other, but Hellmuth and Polk took the current situation of the two companies as an opportunity Violent debate on Twitter to deliver.

The starting point of the disputes was a tweet from Polk, which set up and one for his decisions about the scandal of the crypto trading platform Provocative crossing With poker colleague Hellmuth dared:

“People plunge to me as if I were the guilty person or the whole thing would say something about my character. I stand by my decisions and I did the right thing with every step. There is a huge difference between this matter and factual displacement to continue to wear a cap from Bitcoin Latinum. ”Doug Polk, Professional poker player, Post on Twitter

With the last part of his tweet, Polk alludes to Hellmuth’s behavior. Despite the scandal around Bitcoin Latinum this undeterred wears a cap of the company On live tournaments like that This year’s World Series of Poker And thus continues to appear as an ambassador for the crisis -beamed group.

Hellmuth did not let the criticism of his colleague sit long and countered promptly with its own tweetin which he expressed his lack of understanding of the statements made. Polk made a big mistake and now incomprehensibly try to compare the commitment of the two to discredit him personally. Polk had a much more debt.

Hellmuth emphasized that he had never explicitly called up to buy Bitcoin Latinum. He simply believes in the project, but also knew about the risks. For this reason he is always dealt responsibly with the topic.