Poker legend Layne Flack died

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Lennart folder July 26, 2021

The six-time WSOP bracelet winner Layne Flack died at the age of 52. As numerous US media report, the poker legend was found lifeless in his house in Las Vegas. There are no more details about his death, according to his long -time friend and poker player Mike Matusow, Flack died in her sleep. The 52-year-old was considered an icon in the poker scene and was instrumental in the hype around 2000. His sudden death triggered deep dismay in the community.

Numerous personalities from the Poker community Layne Flack tribute paid tribute on Twitter. ((©Brett Jordan/Unsplash.com)

Death of an icon

Hardly a professional poker player was able to celebrate as many successes as Layne Flack. According to the database “Hendon Mob Poker”, the poker icon played More than five million US dollars (USD) on tournament price money Throughout his career. The first bracelet of the World Series of Poker in May 1999. With a buy-in of $ 3,000, a flack earned $ 224,400. This triumph announced him throughout the scene and was the beginning of a successful career.

Just two months later, he once again demonstrated his poker skills. In Los Angeles he could win two tournaments for two dayswhat earned him the nickname “Back-to-Back Flack” in the community.

In the early 2000s, Flack was one of the best poker players in the world. In 2002 he won two WSOP bracelets. The following year he even managed to repeat this feat. The bottom line was that he could Grant almost $ 577,000. Only eight other players in the story were able to win more WSOP bracelets in their career. But Flack was not only an outstanding poker player, but also a popular media personalities due to his friendly and charming character. In TV shows and podcasts, he commented on events and events within the scene.

Drugs & alcohol The quick fame and a lot of money not only caused moments of light in Flacks. In his book “Deal Me In”, which he published in 2010, the poker professional works his long -term fight against drugs and alcohol, which would have cost him a lot of money and almost his life.

Deep dismay of the poker community

The sudden death of Layne Flack hit the global poker community deeply and triggered a wave of grief. Many fellow campaigners, friends and former opponents the poker legend paid tribute. So publish Phil Hellmuth, the all-time leader leader with a total of 15 WSOP bracelets, a statement on “Legendary Layne Flack” via Twitter and described it as one of the largest and best personalities in the poker world.

In the further course of the post, Hellmuth particularly raised the human side of the deceased poker legend and tried to put in the word what a unique character was flicked for him:

“He was loved by everyone in the poker community; especially because of his direct way. If he noticed that you were angry with him; Or he heard that you told bad things behind his back about him, then he approached them directly and confronted you with it. He always tried to create everything negative directly out of the world. […] I always respected Layne to try to maintain a good relationship with everyone. ”Phil Hellmuth, Professional poker player Post on Twitter

Many other places and legends from the poker community Flack also paid tribute And said goodbye to the legend via Twitter – including Allen Cunningham, Erik Seidel and Daniel Negreanu. The multiple WSOP bracelet winner Scott Nguyen praised Flack in a Twitter post as a great and great father and released a common video.

Joe Cada, WSOP-Main event winner from 2009, showed himself Stunned by Flack’s death. He described the deceased as a good guy and excellent poker player. He would be missing from the entire community.

Matusow destroyed on the ground

As one of the closest and long -standing friends, Mike Matusow was particularly shocked by the sudden news of Flack’s death. On social media he indicated that he was still recently made on the phone with a flack have. The two friends would talk about two hours. Thematically, it should have been about the chaotic life of Flack. The latter had decided to open a new chapter.

Commemorative podcast In his own show “The Mouthpiece with Mike Matusow”, Matusow wanted to keep a commemorative podcast to commemorate his friend. Layne Flack was last invited as a guest in winter 2019 and had spoken about drugs in the poker scene.