Poker legend Larry Flynt died

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Lennart folder February 24, 2021

Larry Flynt was known as a high-stand poker player and polarizing person. Now he died at the age of 78. During his lifetime, the gambling legend through the adult magazine “Hustler” worked out an ailing reputation that brought him a lot of enemies over the decades. Despite his controversial character, Flynt enjoyed a good reputation in the world of poker and casino game. As a passionate poker player and owner of the Hustler Casino in California, his legacy will be remembered forever.

High-stakes poker was the hobby horse from Larry Flynt. ((© Mos-Media / Pilayai)

The beginnings: abuse & psychiatry

Larry Flynt’s career course is impressive and shocking at the same time, but also reveals why the poker legend as an enormously polarizing personality in public was perceived.

Flynt saw the light of the world in 1942 in the US state of Kentucky. As a child of alcoholic parents, he grew up under difficult conditions, practiced sodomy with poultry and was Victim sexual abuse by a pedophile. According to his own statement, however, this experience had not traumatized him sustainably. After his first marriage broke up and he then shot his hated mother -in -law with a weapon, he had his empathy into the psychiatry.

Flynt tried to find connection again in the following years. He worked in agriculture and hired the navy. Both jobs turned out to be a misunderstanding. In the consequence, he ventured into self -employment and opened a bar in Ohio, which was her male guests As a special feature hostesses offered entertainment. The concept was fruitful. Also because Larry operated properly with the “Huster Newsletter”. The adult magazine “Hustler” emerged from this leaflet in 1974. This completed the development of dazzling personality.

Always on a confrontation course. Adult magazines were a social novelty in the 1970s. Naked skin was a kind of taboo subject in public, but the “Hustler” quickly managed to catch up with the two competing magazines “Penthouse” and “Playboy”. As a result, he even surpassed both leaves. Through a more drastic representation, Flynt literally looked for confrontation with the critics and the general public. However, this did not detract from success – on the contrary.

Fighter for free expression

The “Hustler” became so successful only because of the pornographic content, but had much more than just bare skin. Flynt Published spectacular and journalistically prepared reports over time About torture, the invasion of Grenada and the murder of John F. Kennedy. Investigative reports often met with vehemently resistance, so that Flynt regularly had to answer in court. In 1988 he was able to win in one of his many processes with reference to the first constitutional additive – a Milestone for free expression.

Filming. Larry Flynt’s life and professional rise was brought to the big screen by director Milos Forman in the film “Larry Flynt – The Naked Truth”. Among other things, the numerous court hearings are the focus of history.

Love for gambling

At the end of the 1970s, an assassination attempt was carried out on Flynt because he addressed sex between people Caucasian and African-American origin in an edition of the “Hustler”. As a result he became Sacrifice of a racially motivated robbery. He survived, but had been paralyzed from the hip since then and tied to the wheelchair. Despite the near -death experience, Flynt did not deviate from its polarizing species. His empire continued to grow. Through his numerous clubs, he discovered the love of gambling over time – especially for the poker.

In the poker community, he was known primarily because of the notorious high-stakes games in his private villa. His Seven-Card-Stud Poker was great passion. In the 1990s he invited known poker greats such as Stu Hungarian, Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, Ted Forrest, John Hennigan and Thor Hansen to the greatest high-stake Seven-Card-Poker Cash game.

But private cash games were not the only job that Flynn followed as a poker player. He also took part in official tournaments. So he should be in the course of his poker career Profits of a total of $ 240,255 have brought in. However, its greatest playful success is the eighth place in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2000.

Bribe scandal. Flynt was excluded from the WSOP in 1988 for life because he was said to have been involved in a betting frame. So he wanted to get a competitive advantage by paying players for chip dumping. In advance, he is said to have made a bet that he would win against Doyle Brunson. WSOP boss Jack Binion is said to have experienced wind. Flynt was then excluded from the WSOP. When daughter Becky Binion took over business skills, she picked up the lock against Flynt.