Poker Hall of Fame with two new members

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Lennart folder 19. August 2019

The dream of every poker player should be to be admitted to the Poker Hall of Fame (PHof) at some point. It should be clear that of course it needs a lot. At least one outstanding poker player has to be, this should be clear. But to be added to the fame hall of the card game, you need a little more. Chris Moneymaker and David Oppenheim are the youngest members of the honorary club and have met all criteria for membership.

Chris Moneymaker is considered grim, but was very happy after being admitted to the Poker Hall of Fame. (© image source)

Honor on the sidelines of the WSOP 2019

The final table at the poker tournament in Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as every year, in the media focus. at the end of the tournament, a American triumphed. hossein ensan was able to win the main event and thus take $ 10 million home. the poker player wants to donate a large part of it. however, this was not the only matter of honor with which the WSOP Employed this year. Because on the sidelines of reporting to the poker tournament, two other poker players were given a very special honor. Chris Moneymaker and David Oppenheim are the two poker professionals that were included in the Poker Hall of Fame this year.

The PHof has existed since 1979 and is now an integral part of the WSOP. Since 2004, the fame hall has officially been part of the World Series of Poker, since Caesar’s entertainment has secured the rights to the Hall of Ehrenhalle. Since then, a maximum of two poker players have been included in the Poker Hall of Fame as new members.

With the two new members, the PHof is now growing up 58 members on. almost half of the listed poker players are no longer alive. only 27 names on the list still be among us. among them are well -known names that should certainly not only be known among professional poker players. chris moneymaker and david oppenheim can certainly also be counted among these extremely popular players. both players fulfill the criteria in order to be for one Admission to the Poker Hall of Fame to be nominated. Because not only a good poker game is enough. Recording criteria for the Poker Hall of Fame

  • Minimum age must be 40 years
  • Players must have measured several times with the best poker players of his time
  • Overall, poker must have been played with high operations for years
  • The poker player must have been part of the poker elite for years and be recognized by the competition as a professional

Moneymaker and Oppenheimer enthusiastic

So this year’s WSOP not only ensured an unexpected surprise and a lot of good mood for the tournament winner. Despite the great experience and many great successes, the two youngest members of the Poker Hall of Fame were also surprised on the one hand, but on the other hand, also visibly proud when their names were officially announced. Oppenheim in particular took the time for one Detailed thanksgiving.

“I never intended to become a professional poker player, it was rather a passion that became my job. People often ask me how to become a professional poker player. The answer is hard work and this applies to everyone who plays at the highest level. Since I started playing, I have an incredible passion for poker and this fact meant that I could go the way that very few went. I am very grateful to have received this award. Many Thanks.”

Officially, Moneymaker and Oppenheim are Number 57 and 58 in the poker fleet. Anyone who is added to the coveted glory hall of the world’s best poker players every year decide on the one hand the members of the PHof itself, but on the other hand also a 21 head team, a kind of expert body called Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council.

“In the record year of the 50th World Series of Poker, we are reminded of the important role of Chris Moneymaker played to motivate recreational players to realize their dreams, and he will surely be among the most important characters of all time. Oppenheim is a top professional and has finally received his long overdue recognition. ”

A appointment as a member is by no means dependent on chance and it is not carried out by laypersons. Anyone who becomes a member of the Poker Hall of Fame has definitely earned it. Ultimately, the competition is also great, because of course Chris Moneymaker and David Oppenheimer were not the only nominated. among the other candidates for the phof were, for example Chris Bjorin, David Chiu, Eli Elezra, Antonio Esfandiari, Chris Ferguson, Ted Forrest, Mike Matusow und Huckleberry Seed. These poker players have not made it into the Hall of Fame this year, but can still qualify in the next few years. But of course only with outstanding poker game.