Poker and even more poker to start 2020

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Lennart folder January 15, 2020

Poker fans should particularly like the beginning of 2020. Because January already promises top -class poker tournaments with stars and high prize money. The first big highlight of the Poker year 2020 takes place in the Australian Melbourne. The Aussie Millions in the Crown Casino is likely to attract known names to the Australian metropolis, no wonder with prize money of more than 30 million Australian dollars. But even after the event, other eventful poker events follow-an overview.

Poker cards are mixed, distributed and uncovered in January 2020 – starting with Aussie Millions in Down Under. ((©gepharts3d/Pixabay)

The Aussie Millions: a superlative poker event

die Aussie Millions im Crown Casino In Melbourne, the new year ring in a Kracher event. This big traditional tournament is hardly different. The Aussie Millions also enjoy an excellent reputation in the poker scene. This is probably why there are numerous poker stars from all over the world on the player list, the incredible 8,600 names comprises.

In the end, as always, only one poker player will prevail at the final table. The numerous poker hands, which have to be played until then, are likely to be worthwhile, but then definitely for the lucky winner. After exactly three weeks and 21 days and 100 poker tables at the beginning of the event, it will be clear who will earn most of the price pool. Overall, the prize money includes more than 30 million Australian dollars.

The fact that the Aussie Millions are getting bigger and increased in recent years – not only in the poker scene – is also related to the venue. Of the Luxurious hotel and casino complex of the Crown Resort It should also be worth the journey if it should be over on the first day of the tournament. Incidentally, this also sees the tournament director, Joel Williams.

“The Aussie Millions in 2019 saw records all along the line. We could see previously unknown heights at the “Main Event”. We have established ourselves again as the mandatory venue for the High Roller. The total pricing pool exceeded 30 million AUD and the total participation exceeded 8,600 – everything served to create the most memorable series in the history of the Australian poker. ”


It will be excited to see whether the poker event will be able to build on the success from 2019 again this year. In the past two years, participant records have been cracked – despite one Buy-ins from at least $ 1,150. If you bring a little more capital with you, you can also shop at the high-scooter tables, but you have to raise $ 100,000.

Second poker highlight of the year-and again Australia

If you are in Down Under at the first big poker event of the year, you are lucky. Because for the second illustrious tournament, no long journey does not have to be started. It also takes place in Australia, in the Star Gold Coast in Broadbeach, although it is to be said that this is actually a tournament series that of Poker Central is initiated.

The highlight of the tournament series should then Super High Roller Bowl be his who truly honor his name. After all, 250,000 Australian dollars are due for the buy-in. If this is a little too much, you can buy from the Australian Poker Open, according to the official title of the event, with an at least somewhat smaller buy-in of $ 10,000.

The Buy-in for the Australian Poker Open:

  • 25. Januar: No Limit Hold’em – 10.000 AUD
  • 26. Januar: I can limit Omaha – 10,000 hear
  • 27. Januar: No Limit Hold’em – 10.000 AUD
  • 28. Januar: I can limit Omaha – 25,000 hear
  • 29. Januar: No Limit Hold’em – 25.000 AUD
  • 30. Januar: No Limit Hold’em – 50.000 AUD
  • 31. Januar: No Limit Hold’em – 100.000 AUD
  • 02. Februar: Super High Roller Bowl – 250.000 AUD

Throughout January and even in early February, fans can look forward to huge pokerification in Australia. It is no coincidence that the poker highlights in Down Under are pushing close together this year. Poker Central in particular is currently trying to do large poker events as Counterweight to the annual WSOP to be brought into life, which of course are eagerly awaited again this year.

However, the starting signal for that is WSOP Main Event not in the summer of 2020, then of course again in the US Las Vegas. With the Australian poker tournaments, Poker Central now also ensures exciting highlights at the poker table away from the poker center in the USA, explains the President of Poker Central, Sam Simmons.

“Creating the Australian Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl is an important milestone for Poker Central and an important moment for our business to expand our international reach. While we are offering our first-class high-scooter event brands of new players and new destinations around the world, Pokergo subscribers continue to benefit from the fascinating poker content of the world’s best players. ”Sam Simmons, President of Poker Central

Coming poker highlights in USA and Russia

After January it will be a bit quieter at short notice, at least as far as the really big international poker tournaments are concerned, but it continues in March. The starts on March 24th European Poker Tour (EPT) in Sochi in Russia and will even come to Monte Carlo in April before stopping in Barcelona in August.

Even for USA, an exciting poker highlight was planned for 2020. American poker players are currently expecting that in the Berlin casino at Potsdamer Platz WPT Deep Stacks With numerous individual tournaments, of course also for high rollers.

The World Poker Tour will also be in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and many other cities, even in Vietnam. Until January 13th the WPT will still be a guest in Berlin. Poker players from USA should not miss this.