Playtech BGT before sports betting revolution

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Maximilian Deininger February 7, 2020

Playtech BGT Sports wants to present a new sports betting system at ICE London 2020. Quantum is the name of the platform, which is supposed to be a revolution. But what about the new online platform? In the meantime, at least as much is known that Quantum is the result of years of work. Playtech BGT Sports wants to facilitate the administrative tasks of sports betting providers with its new product and also increase sales figures. The economic increase potential should be up to 25 percent.

The new sports betting system from Playtech BGT Sports is intended to make administrative tasks easier-and ensure higher sales. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Ice London with exciting sports betting topics

Now the time has finally come. The Ice London 2020 opens the gates and promises once again Highlight for the entire Igaming area to become. In view of the forecast number of visitors and well -known exhibitors, this assessment is quite justified. From February 4th to 6th, 2020 Will be within the framework of the ICE London So turn everything about gambling and his future.

However, it should be particularly interesting for all companies and interested parties in the sports betting industry this year. Because only shortly before the start of the gaming fair in London did the technology leader of the industry, Playtech BGT Sports, known to want to present a new innovative product that Quantum names.

At the moment there is still no overly detailed information about the “revolutionary sports betting platform”, as already referred to by Playtech, but the company announced that sports betting providers will receive completely new opportunities via the Playtech platform to serve their services to be able to match customers and target groups individually. In addition, many processes in the Administration or in account management be easier.

“After over two years of development, we are enthusiastic about presenting the first real omni channel bet platform for sports betting, which raises the performance of our operators at a new level. Be excited about our first operator registrations that will be announced shortly. ”

Maybe a little more interesting should be that Quantum cannot be used exclusively for online sports betting providers. Playtech BGT Sports will be both the Land -based as well as the providers on the Internet provide. As a result, it is an omni-channel technology, as is the case for many Playtech products.

Probably the largest sports betting network in the world

As you can ultimately imagine Quantum in practice, the promises of Playtech BGT Sports are currently not quite clear, then the sports betting industry is actually facing a revolution. especially the economic forecasts Let your attention.

Land -based sports betting providers should use their sales using Quantum increase up to 25 percent be able. In the digital area, i.e. on online sports betting, up to ten percent sales increases were promised. Playtech should definitely find enough interested parties for his new product. It could also mean to permanently consolidate its own claim as a market leader for the company itself.

Who is Playtech BGT Sports? “Playtech was founded in 1999 and is considered the leading technology company of the gaming industry, which offers gambling software based on“ business intelligence ”for online casinos, sports betting, bingo, poker and much more. In the area of omni-channel gambling technology in particular, Playtech takes on a pioneering role. With the Playtech One platform technology, the company offers data-controlled marketing know-how and solutions for responsible games on a single platform for all product savings. The company listed on the London stock exchange today employs over 5,000 people in over 17 countries around the world and is also equipped with 140 lucky gambling licenses in 20 regulated markets. ”

With Quantum, companies that rely on the new platform and are therefore officially listed as a Playtech partner are to be able to experience a particularly efficient sports betting integration on a networked platform. In this way, sports betting events in the network could be recorded at a glance and manage and manage Services could be specially adapted to players and individual segments will.