Player protection at Flutter Entertainment

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Peter Brandt December 17, 2021

Flutter Entertainment (FE) has decided new measures to strengthen player protection. The Irish gambling group announced by press release that the initiative is preceded by the potential new regulation of the local gambling law and in particular aimed at the younger players. Among other things, it is planned to introduce a deposit limit of 500 $ for the end of the game under the age of 25.

Flutter Entertainment plans to apply the already implemented player protection measures on the entire British gaming market. ((©Walid Hamadeh/Unsplash)

Unregulated gambling in Ireland

Ireland is a novelty in terms of gambling. A law from 1956 is still valid in the country – the “Gaming and Lotteries Act”. However, the legal framework has been completely outdated since the internet agent was collected at the latest. The online gambling is neither as legal nor illegal, since the Gambling Act from the 1950s cannot be applied to the casinos and bookmakers on the Internet. The respective industry representatives have been running in a legal gray area for many years. They are tolerated on the market, but are not subject to any overriding control instance.

Player protectors have been demanding political intervention for some time. The status quo also dislikes the members of the Irish sports betting association (IBA). They urge a new gambling law including some restrictions. Politics are now planning according to matching media reports, a contemporary legal framework in the summer of 2023 To install the local gaming industry – the “Gambling Control Bill”.

Gambling Control Bill. The new gambling law in Ireland should officially legalize the online gambling in the country. However, some restrictions are associated with the nationwide liberalization. From now on, a complete ban should apply to free bets and equivalent bonuses. In addition, the allocation of the “VIP player” status is significantly stronger control mechanisms.

Flutter Entertainment has due to the opaque Gambling legislation started at an early stage to strengthen player protection on your own and optimize. In the press release, Conor Grant, CEO of the Group, explains that the player protection measures of the planned new regulation would precede.

It is by no means a symbolic policy, but serious ambitions. This would demonstrate the already installed measures. This is how Fe have one among other things Credit card ban introduced for the player community and limited yourself in your own advertising activities. The Irish gambling group is pursuing the goal of making the industry more sustainable.

Flutter Entertainment optimizes player protection

Last but not least, how Ernst Fe takes the topic of player protection shows a system introduced in the spring for the “Affordability Checks”. The new infrastructure is called “Affordability Triple Step” and in three steps provides the answer to the question of whether the end of the game Real money for gambling can afford at all. The respective steps relate to the operational limit, the player behavior and to a reception network for non -discovered “problem players”.

According to Grant, it does not static when playing players protection optimization. Rather, the group relies on one Flexible interpretation of your own measures. Rigorous prohibitions are not expedient and have no effect on player protection. Since the end of the game would bring very different needs, it is important to always analyze potential risks and dangers individually.

Focus on youth protection. Flutter Entertainment has paid a particularly great attention to the younger players in his player protection efforts. They are particularly at risk. For this reason, the group will introduce a monthly deposit limit of 500 $ from January 2023, which applies to all the end of the age of 25.

Timetable for new legislation

Even if Flutter Entertainment remove and optimize the company’s internal player protection measures on its own drive, the gambling group continues to take Irish politics as a duty. According to Grant, their own efforts are unable to develop their full potential if the government does not lay the legal foundation. For this reason, the planned reform is positive.

However, politics in Ireland still misses a specific date for the implementation of the change in the law. The summer of 2023 will be officially communicated. However, nothing is carved in stone. In addition, it is not yet known which specific player protection measures the legislator wants to introduce. Grant announced in this regard that his group did not intend to put everything in the hands of politics. Accordingly, they had already acted on their own initiative.

Fight against gambling addiction. With the introduced and planned measures and restrictions, Flutter is hoping to promote the fight against gambling addiction. For this purpose, the group donates an additional one percent of its net sales for research, education and treatment against gambling addiction in Ireland. All of these efforts in the neighboring United Kingdom are already part of everyday life in the gambling industry.