Planned Irish gambling reform highly controversial

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Maximilian Deininger July 18, 2019

In Ireland, the emotions in the debate about a gambling reform are currently cooking. In a possible change in gambling legislation, supporters see new possibilities through increased gambling duties to the state. Critics, on the other hand, warn of the increasing risk of playing through massively increasing game missions. They refer to an English negative example.

At Irish gaming machines, the maximum use due to gambling reform is to increase by 300 times. Critics go to the barricades. © pixabay

Use and possible profits in other spheres

A central conflict point in the debate about gambling reform is The planned increase in maximum operations. these are currently still on the same stand as in 1956. on all around 10,000 slot machines in the country, the maximum use is currently three cents per game. the maximum gains in turn are 50 cents per game. compared to other countries, the maximum missions and the chances of winning are extremely low. the gambling reform should now Maximum operations of up to ten $ and maximum profits of up to 750 $ enable. As a result, the use increases by more than 300 times and the profits even increased by 1.500 times. This extreme increase is not undisputed. The increasing figures of gambling addiction across the country would increase significantly further, critics complain.

British betting terminals as a warning

Critics pull them infamous British conditions as a warning for comparison. by the end of march of this year, the english was able to set £ 100 on the fixed odds betting terminals (fobts), which was spread across the entire country. this made it possible for the betting to set many thousands of pounds of sterling and thus lose it in a very short time. massive betting losses and extremely high betting operations were the result in many parts of the soccer -crazy society. in order to counter this danger of gambling addiction, on april 1st, 2019 The maximum stone rates on just two pounds of sterling throttled. Critics take this negative experience as an example and refer to a potentially similar course by increasing the maximum inserts in Ireland. One of the greatest critics, the party -independent Senator David Norris, commented on the debate about gambling reform in the following words:

“These are enormous and large increases. It is bad enough from 3 cents to 10 $ , but from 50 cents to 750 $ goes far beyond the game for pleasure. ”

Proponents of gambling reform refer to The higher tax taxes of gambling groupswith which the fight against problematic game behavior can also be supported. Here, sums of up to 100 million $ were promised to support game addicts and the early clarification of the dangers of gambling addiction.

Legal regulations are no longer up to date

On the occasion of the debate about a gambling reform, the parliamentarians took the temporal introduction of gambling regulation, the Irish Gambling Control Billthat was used 63 years ago. According to the supporters of the market development, a gambling reform would be owed and urgently necessary. New game forms such as online casinos are not taken into account in the old regulation. Justice Minister David Stanton, a supporter of the reform, said the highly discussed topic of the deployment height:

“The operations defined in 1956 are now absolutely unrealistic and have to be adapted today. Bingo, scratch cards and lotteries also offer significantly higher limits and profits these days. ”

Simultaneously However, the Minister of Justice supports a critical discussion about the amount of the operational limits in slot machines. the aim must be that those responsible in the government and representatives from the economy agree on regulation that resembles the legislation of neighboring countries and partner states in the eu. in this course, stanton took a look at great britain, where the gambling providers move in clear, closely knitted regulations that are strictly monitored by the uk gambling commission control authority. however, the discussion about gambling reform is not new to the irish. a fiery debate has been kept in parliament since 2019. an agreement because uniform regulation has not yet been achieved. again and again the debate depends on detailed questions. The current disputes about the deployment height in slot machines will certainly not accelerate the process.