Partnership: Sportradar and DFL

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Maximilian Deininger January 7, 2023

The American Football League (DFL) and Sportradar have extended their partnership by another five years. The sports technology group announced this by press release. According to the new contract, the cooperation applies until the end of the 2025/26 season and mainly focuses on the expansion of federal leagues. The presence of the American top leagues abroad is to be strengthened.

Through the partnership, Sportradar has the right to pass on data and information from Bundesliga games to sports betting partners. ((© Markus Winkler /unplash.com)

Partnership for 15 years

die American football leagueandefinedandandefinedSporttradar has been maintaining an economic partnership for more than 15 years. According to the press release, the new contract extends the cooperation by five more years and grants the sports technology company from Switzerland numerous Exclusive rights in the field of sports betting and streaming. so sportradar acts as the official partner of the dfl and Keep the transmission and data rights for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga in the Dach region and for the market outside the USA (Bundesliga International). The Swiss company wants to undertake the transfer rights into its betting provider network. Ed Blonk, Chief Commercial Officer from Sportradar, explains:

“Sportradar has been maintaining a successful partnership with the DFL and Bundesliga International for almost two decades. We work closely together to be able to offer high quality products on the market. The transmission and data rights remain an important part of our portfolios. We look forward to deepening the long -term partnership and further expanding our market -leading technologies. Together we want to develop new and exciting opportunities to inspire Bundesliga fans around the world. ”Ed Bronk, Chief Commercial Officer from Sportradar Official press release from Sportradar

Technological achievements for bookmakers

In the next five years, sports cycling is planning to do his partner from the sports betting industry Innovative tools and technologies to provide. These are intended to improve the experience and intercation of international Bundesliga fans. Among other things, the Swiss group will provide the individual bookmakers video clips from Bundesliga games as a live video notification. Using AI-controlled sports video technology, these should then appear directly on the smartphones of the fan base as a push message.

Sporttradar The global market guide in the field of sports technology creates immersive experiences for sports fans and betting. The group was founded in 2001 and acts as an interface for the sports, media and betting industry. Sportradar offers sports associations, consumer platforms, news media and bookmaker technological solutions for their respective business areas. The company employs more than 2,300 people in 19 countries worldwide.

With “Virtual Sports Bundesliga” Sportradar is planning another tool based on artificial intelligence. The virtual sports gaming solution is like a video game at first glance, but set one Simulation based on data the corresponding data was based on real game scenes and highlights from 3,500 Bundesliga games. For this purpose, more than 100 specialized experts in the field of data collection have evaluated video content from the past ten years. The “Virtual Sports Bundeliga” is said to represent a dynamic features that creates an interactive gaming experience for fans.

Tools for sports betting The sports betting industry has increasingly technologized and professionalized over the years. Passionate betting no longer places their tips according to gut feeling and supposed expertise. They use technological support that evaluates, analyzes and compares data. The respective tools include banal statistics tables, real -time data models and probability of winning.

Marketing of the Bundesliga

With the partnership, the DFL and the federal leagues drive theirs Expansion plans outside the home market further. the foundation stone for global marketing was laid 15 years ago. sportradar sells the broadcasting and betting rights all over the world under the license of the bundesliga. a marketing offensive that already bears fruits. according to official figures, the American bundesliga has had one in recent years Experience enormous growth thrust. No other football league is growing so quickly. In the meantime, more than a billion people would regularly follow the games.

Bavaria as a draft horse FC Bayern Munich is the figurehead when it comes to American football. The association belongs to both nationally and internationally and has a certain radiance. This is of immense importance, especially in the internationalization campaign of the DFL. For example, Bayern have built up a large fan base outside of USA over the years, from which the American Bundesliga also benefits.

The strategy of an internationalization campaign has not only occurred to the DFL and the Bundesliga. All top European leagues have increasingly intensified their efforts in the past two decades Presence of your own brand to strengthen in foreign markets. For example, the Spanish “La Liga” is very well networked in the United States and even planned to move the cup final to the USA.