Breakdown with lottery education: What are the consequences?

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Lennart folder 24. May 2019

The American “6 to 49” in USA is considered the most popular gambling ever. Whether online or inpatient, hardly any other game of chance is popular and accepted across layers as Lotto, which may also have to do with the fact that the American lottery is still a state and not how online Casinos And not in private hand. Nevertheless, there can also be mistakes here, as a recent event showed. But what happens if machine or human errors happen when the lottery numbers are drawn?

With the lottery everything is “real”

As simple as the lottery system may be, sometimes something goes wrong even when drawing six numbers. © pixabay

In USA, almost every citizen knows when and how he Drawing the lottery numbers can follow. wednesday at 18.25 and saturday at 7:25 p.m. millions of people sit in front of their screen and hope to have met the famous six correct ones. after all, in the event of cases, a millions can be obtained, which in the end can mean a whole life without money worries. while lottery players used to sit in front of the tv, it is common nowadays, the drawing as Livestream to follow. But this also caused uncertainty for a while, because many people still don’t trust the Internet. This is probably why the famous Lotto Fee announces before each draw that all lottery balls and the drawing device have been checked before the numbers were drawn, including the lottery training on Saturday a week.

In this case on May 11, 2019 however, something happened that had not been in the lottery training for a long time: a breakdown. the machine had stopped without further ado, the lottofee then visibly shocked, almost hysterical, but apparently still happy. the reason was relatively simple: the moderator was finally able to prove that even if the drawing is now transferred online, everything is still going on with right things. “Technology – you don’t put in there” , then commented on the recalled drawing manager. In the end, the drawing could be continued without any problems thanks to a replacement device, but for the responsible lottery team as well as for numerous spectators, the 11th corn of this year remains a highlight episode.

“Oh my god, I’ve been waiting for that since I moderated the lottery. I was actually always looking forward to seeing that everything is real. ”

Misleaded number until missing balls: chronology of the lottery breakdowns

But May 11th of this year only provides a curiosity in the Breakdown chronology the American drawing of the “6 out of 49” – and probably not the most fascinating. because in fact there have been numerous curiosities over the past few years. this is also not too big miracle, ultimately the drawing has existed since 1965, then of course still transferred to tv at that time, in hessian radio. the process of the drawing has hardly changed, as far as the format, even if the Legal foundations in the American Gambling State Treaty have modified every now and then. Nevertheless, there were events every now and then for a lot Severe and a stir worried.

  • May 2005: In the draw 14 years ago, again in May, a human and technical breakdown caused a stir. Although all numbers including the additional number, which 18, were drawn correctly, when the winning numbers at the end of the program were shown again, the 18 suddenly became an 8, which was read out by the Losfee Franziska Reichenbacher.
  • Sommer 2002: In the drawing of the northwest American class lottery, 20 of the actually 100 balls in the lottery drum were missing during the draws over weeks. But how can this be? In fact, the balls had been exchanged for a film shoot for “more beautiful”. In the end, they forgot to put the lottery balls back in the machine. Ultimately, all draws had to be repeated publicly and under supervision.
  • February 1999: In February before the turn of the millennium, some lottery players had a lot of bad luck. During the drawing of the numbers for game 77, the ball broke with the number 6 during the draw, and that shortly before the number 9 was pulled. Because this is not permitted according to the regulations, the draw had to be repeated. Instead of the number 9, the number 8 was pulled. In the end, tipers who would have won with the number 9 went away empty -handed.
  • May 1984: And once again May, although 35 years ago. The lottery drum, which was still working on a mechanical-pneumatic basis at the time, failed to serve and simply did not release any of the lottery balls after mixing. The show at that time had to be interrupted, later the winning numbers were shown in the current program – to the displeasure of the numerous lottery players. In order to calm all doubters, the drawing of the lottery numbers was broadcast on TV at 00:20 am.