Paddy Power donates 6,000 trees for defeats of Arsenal

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Maximilian Deininger July 8, 2020

After the sensational announcement by Héctor Bellerín, the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power reacts with an insane action and a wink. The Spanish football professional from FC Arsenal London wants to donate 3,000 trees for an environmental initiative every victory of his team. However, since Arsenal London all lost the first games, Paddy Power announced that it would sponsor a total of 6,000 trees in each game. The sports betting provider recently announced this on his website. It is not the first special action by a bookmaker during Corona pandemic.

With his campaign, Héctor Bellerín, to plant 3,000 trees for each victory of Arsenal Arsenal London, has initiated an important topic. ((©GregMontani/Pixabay)

Héctor Bellerín gets the stone rolling with remarkable gesture

The Spaniard Héctor Bellerín, football professional at the traditional Premier League association FC Arsenal London, got the stone rolling. This had announced on Twitter, he wanted to be after every victory of his team 3,000 trees for the environmental initiative “One Tree Planted” sponsor. Obviously, the 25-year-old has a lot of environmental and especially the rainforest protection. However, the “green debate” has currently moved into the background due to the global corona pandemic.

The Spaniard’s action is worth the honor, but it is currently more of an emptiness, since Arsenal London has loses one game after the other since the re-launch of the Premier League. After all, there was the first win on the last match day in 2-0 against FC Southampton. Nevertheless, he took Irish sports betting provider Paddy Power Héctor Bellerín’s announcement as an opportunity to react on a “special” way with its own announcement.

Announcement by Héctor Bellerín has a serious background. The Spaniard’s special action unfortunately has a serious background. According to the “Global Forest Watch” project, large sections of the rainforest are cut off every day in the rainforest, according to the “Global Forest Watch” project, that there are 30 soccer fields. Hundreds of thousands of animal and plant species are massively threatened in their existence. The situation is particularly threatening in the regions around the Amazon. If nothing changes in the speed of deforestation, many areas of the rainforest will be lost forever in the near future.

Sports betting provider Paddy Power reacts with humor

The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power noted Héctor Bellerín’s announcement with a good shot of humor. At the latest after the two opening defeats after the start of the Premier League, the gambling provider was committed to watching the great, but also ineffective fundraising. However, the help looks a little different and is with one Strong shot sarcasm connected, as a statement by the bookmaker illustrates on his website:

“After resuming their Premier League season with two defeats, Bellerín’s campaign has so far not planted any new trees. Rescue of the planet can wait if you have to save your own season first. But Paddy Power has promised to ensure that the planet is not neglected (…). We will donate to Bellerín’s campaign every time Arsenal wins. ” – Amy Jones, Employee of the sports betting provider Paddy Power, Paddy Power website

Paddy Power also noticed with a wink that the Arsenal London association destroyed a football -sized lawn every weekend due to its bad game. Since Héctor Bellerín could not even protect his own goal, let alone save the planet, you have to responsible company Just help the player.

The statements of Paddy Power are pretty cheeky, but Héctor Bellerín should find the action as positive. Although he is hugged a little and especially the team of FC Arsenal London, the basic idea of the Spaniard’s action continues and gets a significantly larger reach by intervening Paddy Power. Likewise, a lot more trees are planted than expected, since regardless of the result of each game definitely Donated new trees for the rainforests will. This fact should be conciliating héctor Bellerín.