Online gambling is becoming increasingly mobile

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Lennart folder February 19, 2019

The online casino business is moving even more to mobile devices, especially smartphones. This is one of the results of the new annual industry report from Iovation. It continues to say that prerequisites for success is more than ever to offer customers the uncomplicated play of gaming experience, because the competition is becoming increasingly sharp. The report in the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore and India sees opportunities for market growth.

Online casinos are increasingly focusing on mobile experience.

Smartphones have conquered the market

It is no longer a mere trend: increasingly mobile playing the market and now makes 70 percent of all gambling transactions out. Iovation holds in Industry report for 2019 For the past six years, a growth of the business area with mobile apps of an average of 95% annually. In 2012 it was only 6% of the total market. The company expects another growth thrust. The reason for this is that the apps can return to the Google Play Shop, at least in France, Great Britain and Ireland. Iovation predicts that its number will increase rapidly, as well as Google allows it everywhere, which is generally expected.

Good to know: Among other things, Iovation has been advising Casino operators and providers of gaming platforms on security issues for 15 years. With its know-how in Portland in the US state-based company Oregon based on its know-how, millions of digital transactions. Your report therefore also contains warnings of dangers that can be exposed to casinos by criminal customers. This includes credit card fraud and the use of bots, autonomous, learning -capable programs. However, the company also offers solutions for dealing with particularly valued casino visitors with VIP status. In her annual “Gambling Industry Report” she names trends and developments that are important for the industry. It will be released for the third time this year.

Customer search on the battlefield

Iovation advises operators to align their customer care even more on their smartphone, to bind players. it is not enough to only make the games mobile, all other aspects of a casino should also be: deposits and withdrawals, identification and authorization (for example by fingerprint scan) and further customer care. the correct approach for this, according to the report, is the so-called multi-channel experience. this means that All services related to a single mobile device group as central access to all channels and thus secure maximum comfort to the players. this means that an average customer loyalty of 89% can be achieved. companies with a weakly developed multi-channel strategy, on the other hand, would only bring it to 33%. the customer wants to be felled because he is an unfaithful being. for this, the report finds urgent words:

“The customer experience is the new battlefield, and consumers have never been more fan -mammal. Therefore, operators have to pick up their players where they are: on their smartphones. ”

In order to make everything even easier, Iovation advises to automatically process data for the identification of customers such as age testing and ID control. The conventional procedures here are still too cumbersome and shuffle on the part of the players.

Sports betting conquer the US states

The authors of the report in the United States see one of the most important growth markets and devote themselves closer to him. There has A fundamental decision of the Supreme Court in May 2018 the way for the Legalization of sports betting freely made. the corresponding legal framework for this is already available in delaware, michigan, new jersey, new mexico, nevada, pennsylvania, rhode island, washington, d.c. and west virginia. according to the report, legislation for sports betting is in preparation in more than 20 other countries. the expected expected Diversity of the legal framework in the United States presents the providers against special technical requirements. There are already automated geofencing solutions that ensure that operations are only possible under the conditions of the state in which the player is in.

Netherlands, Singapore and Asia in view

iovation 2019 sees further interesting business opportunities in singapore, india and the netherlands without responding to details. as in USA, a comprehensive legal regulation for online gambling, as in USA, is still pending in the netherlands, and registrations have been available in singapore since 2016. in india, the situation is confusing and from state to state. apparently iovation experts expect that 2019 could be successful in putting online casinos in india on a secure legal basis. until then, it remains there that the more a casino fluctuates the more stable: floating casinos use a legislative gap from the time in india than they were prohibited on the mainland. the floating one has cult status among tourists Delin Royale Casino On the Mandovi river in Goa.