Online gambling in the EU

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Peter Brandt December 26, 2019

The income from the online gambling in the EU rose by 12 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. This emerges from a report by the EGBA. Great Britain has the largest share in the European gambling market, but USA is following second. In the entire European Union, there is also an increase in online gambling on mobile devices.

Great Britain is responsible for the largest proportion of gambling income in the EU. ((© Terovesian/Pixabay)

More than 22 billion $ through online gambling

Die European Gaming and Betting Association hat den Report to the Key Figures 2018 For the past calendar year on December 11th. released. This shows that within the 28 member states of the European Union, the operators of online gambling played a total of EUR 22.2 billion in gross player yields in 2018. That corresponds to you Growing of 12 percent compared to the previous year, in which 19.6 billion $ could be achieved.

Two-digit growth numbers are not unusual in online gambling, but they are still a great success. In its report on the key figures from the previous year, the EGBA expected gross games of EUR 21.5 billion for 2018. The earnings now achieved are therefore Better unusual than expectedwhich should be positive for both companies and the shareholders of gaming providers.

Of the total gross player yields, 71.7 percent or 15.9 billion $ on the regulated market. Fall under the regulated market in the sense of the H2 Gambling Capital, which created the report in cooperation with the EGBA “All activities of the online gambling game that are regulated in the same jurisdiction as the player.”

In the coming years, the EGBA will expect A further growth of the online gambling game. However, the growth rates should be slightly lower in the range of seven to eight percent. As in the 2017 report, the EGBA is also not exaggerated this year when it comes to the upcoming development.

“The European online gambling market still has a strong demand-oriented growth and switching to mobile devices.”Maarten Haijer, General Secretary, Europe’s Gambling & Betting Association

The share of the online market is also growing

According to the report, the gross games of the entire gaming market in the EU have a volume of EUR 95.7 billion. This eliminates the offline area of EUR 73.5 billion, which corresponds to 76.8 percent. This includes lotteries, land -based casinos as well as bookmakers and similar offers. That Online gambling is therefore for 23.2 percent of the total income responsible for the European gambling industry. This corresponds to an increase of 2.5 percentage points compared to 2017 when 20.7 percent of the income came from the online business.

This can also be explained by the triumphal march of mobile devices that make participation in online gaming online more uncomplicated and more comfortable. It is therefore not surprising that the end devices used for gambling shift to smartphones and tablets. In 2018, 57 percent of gross games were generated via normal PCs and laptops. 43 percent accounted for the mobile end devices, whereby the tendency continues to increase. According to the EGBA report, the ratio should reverse in 2021.

Sports betting and casinos leaders

Sports betting is still most interesting for the players. The entire EU is often bet, especially football. New customers also attract new offers such as e-sports betting. In this way, the sports betting was able to further expand their lead and are 42.5 percent in one. The online casinos follow 32.4 percent. On the other hand, online poker loses As in previous years, 5 percent is only fourth in the most popular online gambling activities:

  1. Sports betting: 42.5 percent (2017: 40.31 percent)
  2. Online casino: 32.4 percent (2017: 32.14 percent)
  3. Lottery: 12.6 percent (2017: 13.27 percent)
  4. Poker: 5 percent (2017: 6.12 percent)
  5. Bingo: 4.3 percent (2017: 4.59 percent)
  6. Other: 3.2 percent (2017: 3.57 percent)

There is an outlier in the countries who leads the statistics miles. More than a third (34.2 percent) of the total gross game yields are achieved in Great Britainwhat makes the United Kingdom the sole and unmatched leader. USA is in second place with 11.1 percent. This is followed by France (8.8 percent), USA (8.1 percent) and Sweden (5.2 percent).

The EGBA is not only responsible for the collection of statistics, but also takes care of the interests of its members. These include, for example, Bet365, Betsson, GVC Holding and Zeal Network. However, the EGBA is not for unregulated liberalization of online gambling. Rather, she demands A uniform and cross -border gambling right, which applies to the entire European Union.

“Europe’s different rules for online gambling are problematic for consumer protection. All member states are concerned about adequate protection of their players, but essentially the differences in the national approaches to regulate online gambling are difficult to justify. ”Dr. Margaret Carrat, Dean for Academic Programs (Education), City University of London

Demand for uniform gambling law

A common gambling right that would be integrated in the measures for the digital internal market for Europe could be too contribute to considerable savings and better protection of the players. Above all, the different degree of consumer protection in the member states is repeatedly criticized by the EGBA. The current regulatory framework is like a patchwork of national rules.

The previous non -binding recommendation of the EU is “A little paradoxical because it is considered a sufficient measure to get the member states to ensure a high level of consumer protection for online players.” The countries themselves also see theirs Laws as no longer up to date but are looking for national solutions. Finally, the British Parliament called for a Remodeling of gambling.

The EGBA also sees one Danger for the players through the geo- and blocking measures, which are used by some countries to keep the local players away from non -regulated providers. The problem is not solved, but shifted. The players are pushed on the part of betting providers and online casinos that are entirely outside the EU’s jurisdiction.

According to the EGBA, these points can be solved by a uniform rules that apply in all member states. Better regulation and a high standard in consumer protection can be guaranteed. That works positive for the entire sector of the online gambling game out. Players benefit from better protection and companies have significantly lower costs.

Until it is time, we probably have to be patient. A cross-border regulation is essential for such online offers. This also shows, for example, the handling of the French government, which has launched a digital tax. Such alone ensure protests, but until one uniform regulation found is basically a lot of time into the country.

“The introduction of a uniform set of rules for online betting in the EU is absolutely useful. It would improve the regulation of the sector, bring considerable cost savings for both consumers and companies and enable better consumer protection. Therefore, the EGBA calls on the EU’s political decision -makers to ensure that the digital domestic market also benefits the twelve million Europeans who bet online. ”Maarten Haijer, General Secretary, Europe’s Gambling & Betting Association