Online gambling in India offers gigantic opportunities

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Peter Brandt 17. June 2020

The boom of the online gambling has also caught India since the Corona restrictions. The potential of the market makes European providers take notice. Because this is enormous due to the immense number of potential customers. However, the positive development began before the outbreak of Corona pandemic, which is why various gambling providers from all over the world are positioned. Several Maltese gambling providers have been looking forward to increasing sales figures in the past few months and are aimed at the Indian market. Although this raises a big question mark from a legal point of view.

Through its technical progress, India has gigantic potential for the online gambling market. ((©12019/Pixabay)

A gigantic market is waiting for its conquest

The Maltese news magazine Times of Malta recently had the leaps in development on the Indian gaming market In a report pointed out. Accordingly, the growth of the market offers entirely New economic options For Maltese online gambling providers. This is mainly due to the gigantic population of over 1.3 billion people and in technical progress. In the meantime, a large part of the population has access to online gambling via smartphone.

Various reports speak that more than half of the Indian population can access the Internet within the next three years. This also becomes potential customers, since simple and cheap smartphones also enable playing on the Internet. In addition, a considerable proportion of the population, the technically experienced middle class, also with its great interest in football and cricket Potential customers with bookmakers will. The generally growing economy also contributes to this. However, the legal situation in terms of gambling in India is rather opaque.

Gambling legislation in India. “Gambling in India, according to the“ public gaming act ”, which was adopted by the British colonial men in 1867 and still officially asserted today, is banned in all forms. In the sense of federalism, however, three Indian states, Goa, Daman and Sikkim, have allowed gambling in the form of some casinos in their areas. There are currently 20 licensed casinos there.

If online casinos and online bookmakers want to offer their gambling offer legally in the country with the second most residents in the future, legislative regulation is required. The government of India puts pressure on the inlet, which previously officially have illegally illegally operating online casinos on the Indian market. According to various studies, around 80 percent of the Indian population use an online casino at least once a year. However, the Indian government misses around $ 1.5 billion in tax levies every year due to the unregulated legal situation. It is therefore very likely that the market will be re -regulated in the near future. ”

Gambling company from the island of Malta Shake their chance

The potential growth of the Indian gambling sector is gigantic, especially in the online area. A country with more than one billion inhabitants, of which more than half can potentially take part in the online gambling through new generations of smartphone, is for everyone Provider of online gambling interesting. It will therefore be crucial which providers find the fastest, legal way to the Indian gaming market and best adapt their offer to regional interests.

Several gaming companies that are based on the island of Malta are sensed to their chance and have already been able to Sales figures on the Indian market significantly improve. On the one hand, this is certainly due to the fact that almost all land-based gambling facilities were temporarily closed due to the corona restrictions and the players have switched to the online gambling. On the other hand, also in the increasing popularity of online casinos and the area of sports betting.

The great interest is also shown by the fact that the online gambling providers are now specifically Gambling offers tailored to the Indian market offer. Among other things, the traditional card games such as Teen Patti and Indian Rummy in India are offered in addition to the classic online table games and slot machines. In addition to the classic sports such as football, sports betting can also be found on locals, Popular sports division like Cricket be bet. The online gambling in India is still at the beginning of its development, the potential due to the enormous population and technical progress is so huge that the fight for a good position on the Indian gaming market has already started.