Occupational arena: DAW criticizes regulation

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Peter Brandt March 18, 2023

The “American Automatoism Economy” (DAW) has greatly criticized the current regulation of the American arcades. In an interview with the dpa, Georg Stecker, spokesman for the Gambling Association, renewed his appeal to politics, the current legislation. The focus of the criticism is the minimum distances that state -based arcades must comply with.

Georg Stecker criticizes the applicable distance requirement and speaks of female folding stock measurements. ((© Kranich17/Pixabay)

DAW tightens sound

In the course of the new gambling legislation, which came into force on July 1, 2021, the DAW has emerged as a mouthpiece of the local industry. Above all, Georg Stecker acted in his role as the spokesman for the association as a key figure that attended the ratification of the new legal framework in all 16 federal states. As a representative of the industry interests, plugs criticized many changes and measures that the GlüstV brought with it. All ahead Spacer bid for national -based arcades Was a primary topic that was now the focus again by PLEST.

Minimum distances. The Gaming State Treaty places the primary focus on the Legal online gambling market in USAthat has been officially liberalized since July 2021. Digital gambling providers with a valid license may legally operate in the Federal Republic, but must bow to strict regulations and controls. Measures for analog gambling also came into force in the summer of 2021. The new minimum distances for the arcades in the country provided a lot of hustle and bustle. The GlüStV recommends a distance of at least 500 meters between casino and child and youth facilities. Although it is left to the federal states themselves, how they deal with this recommendation, almost all state governments have implemented a distance requirement in the respective state law.

In his latest criticism, the DAW spokesman tightens the tone and speaks of a wrong regulation that one existential threat to the American automatic economy present. The distance bid nationwide led to many companies to close or were pushed by the market. As a result, not only many people would have lost their workplace, but also the sewage mandate is in danger.

Meanwhile, the targeted promotion of youth and player protection would also fizzle out by the current regulation, as that Legal range of games increasingly. This in turn creates space for the illegal gambling market that has always been Fighted by the state becomes.

Illegal gaming market on the upswing?

Its theses support plugs on two studies. On the one hand, these would show that the number of illegal slot machines continuously grow. On the other hand, worry about the indebted by the statutory regulation Aufwinde of the black market for Sales loss of the legal gambling market.

According to the study of the Cologne Institute for Commercial Research (IFH) Both 2020 and 2021 have to accept considerable financial losses. In 2020, a loss of 45 percent to 3.6 billion $ should have been accepted. Last year there was also a drop in sales – almost 33 percent to 1.9 billion $ . The primary is that Corona -related closure of the terrestrial gaming offer The decisive factor has also been due to incorrect regulation on the part of politics.

Corona-Pandemie. The terrestrial gambling in USA had to be closed for months in the Corona pandemic Lockdown phases of Corona pandemic. Plugs and the DAW tried to intervene in vain and to convince the politics of a different approach. According to the argument, the comprehensive closure of the legal offer would inspire the illegal gambling offer. In fact, in the Lockdown phases, the police met increasingly on the illegal gaming meeting.

Since July 2021, the distance requirement has ensured additional difficult conditions. In most federal states, strict minimum distances apply that have to comply with arcades. In an interview with the dpa, Stecker speaks of a regulation by a fell bar, which is one Bang of the legal offer Lead. The players would automatically migrate into unregulated markets.

In addition, the legal interference in game processes provides further reasons for the players to look around for alternatives away from the legal gambling offer. The GlüstV prohibits about Automatic spins on slot machines, write a Limit of one euro per shoot before and demands breaks within the game. More and more players are looking for this Provider without a break.

DAW calls for individual quality control

The flat -rate execution of the distance requirement is counterproductive for all parties involved in the eyes of the DAW. For this reason, a rethink is required. The industry association continues to demand qualitative criteriathat decide on the continued existence of a arcade. Minimum distances could not be assessed whether a facility adheres to the player and minor protection.

NRW goes a special route. The DAW proposal was heard in North Rhine-Westphalia. A minimum distance of 350 meters applies in the western state, but this can be reduced to 100 meters by the implementation law. However, the respective arcades must meet certain quality features.