Nuns embezzle money for casino!

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Lennart folder December 23, 2018

There is actually nothing to be repulsive in gambling. You need a little luck and, if necessary, large sums of money can be obtained that promise a lot of happiness and people can take many worries. But every now and then players also get on the way if they take part in gambling. The fact that two nuns are doing this should be surprising. In the United States, two nuns working at a Catholic school have embezzled money over years to find their own secular happiness in American casinos.

Such pictures of nuns are unusual. But clergymen are also interested in gambling.

Catholic school cheated on gambling

As is well known, there are often stories in the United States that you would never hear any differently. Whether this is just an imagination or a fact is to be opened, but this case is undeniable: Only recently it came out that two nuns working at a US Catholic school Sprinkle with the school of the school for decades to have. in total, it should be over $ 500,000. however, it became even more astonishing when it became clear why the nuns Gone past the bookkeeping had. Because they did not want to help other people with the misappropriated funds, nor did they have had other integrs. Instead, the meanwhile, the now reinforced nuns announced that they were touring with the funds by US casinos, especially in Las Vegas, to take part in card games, roulette, dice games and Co. What does the Bible say about gambling? Because they want to become rich, the traps in temptation and entanglement and in many foolish and harmful desires that let people sink sink into ruin and damnation. (1. Timotheus 6, verse 9)

Nuns were headmistress and teacher

The incredible offense of the two nuns had become known after it was one routine book examination of the Catholic School in California came. it turned out here that funds from school funds were taken from almost 20 years – without evidence of which school purposes these funds had been used for. when it turned out that two nuns were responsible for embezzling at the school in the los angeles area, students, parents and also schoolchildren had been shocked as much as from one Report of the broadcaster CNN emerges. in particular, the former headmistress mary k., who worked at st. james school for 29 years, and her colleague lana c., who worked at school for 20 years, were responsible for the crime. both nuns had recently retired and had only admitted that they had committed the crime after charges.

No legal steps planned

How things are going on for the two nuns has not yet been finally clarified. A representative of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles at least publicly stated that no advertisement should be filed and one does not want to go into account the nuns. however, the church wants to take internal steps. it is not clear what it could be. in view of the quite scheduled procedure, legal pursuit would not have been excluded. after accusation, the nuns had explained how they did it for years to lock funds past the school:

  • On the one hand, private invoices with school funds were paid. Since the headmistress was responsible for school accounting, this practice did not notice anyone for years.
  • On the other hand, school invoices that had been paid for with check have not been paid into school accounts. Instead, the nuns would have redirected the checks to their private accounts.

In the order „Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet“many members were extremely affected. however, one also pointed out the remorse of the nuns. in addition, it was announced that they wanted to repay all misappropriated funds from the order. in view of the past events, this procedure is not a matter of course. because in fact it was not the first case to misappropriate the spiritual money to gamble in casinos instead. as early as 2013, a nun in the state of new york had misappropriated funds to take part in gambling. responsible people reacted less insight out here. instead, the nun was also legally charged. she had to a 90-day prison sentence Return and the money, which is said to have traded in total by $ 130,000, out of their own pocket.