NRW: Gambling for social issues

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Peter Brandt 18. November 2020

As announced by the CDU fraction in North Rhine-Westphalia, 100 million $ should flow into good purposes from gambling income in the coming years. The fact that gambling income will flow into the promotion of public and non -profit organizations and associations is nothing new, but a legal liability in a long time. However, the income from games of chance has increased significantly in recent years, and there has been no adjustment since 2014. Therefore, instead of the previous 87 million $ , 13 million $ more for good purposes in North Rhine-Westphalia are now to be used instead of the previous 87 million $ . This decision is also due to the nationwide settlement in the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüStV).

Tax revenue from games of chance should flow even more in public institutions and clubs from culture and sport in North Rhine-Westphalia. ((¡Given AWAG been/I/RITT.)

Adaptation according to the initiative of the state parliamentary groups in NRW

For a long time, the American gambling and its regulation in USA were disputed. But now there is clarity. Then After all 16 federal states have finally signed the new Game State Treaty, will also be nationwide Online casinos and sports betting offer your games legally allowed to.

This is still causing controversy and some fears in terms of the risk of gambling addiction is inevitably too Horrende tax revenues at the federal and state governments -And these in turn should benefit from public and non-profit institutions, as a decision from the state parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia has recently shown,

In North Rhine -Westphalia, the amount that has to flow annually from tax gambling income to non -profit organizations of the country has not been adjusted since 2014 despite increasing income – until now. Because after an initiative of the state parliamentary groups from 2021 instead of the previous EUR 87 million, now 100 million $ Back to the hands of public facilities.

“Sports associations, the country’s art foundation, nature conservation, foundations for home and culture care and welfare care benefit from the taxes from the gambling. The importance of this so-called destinaire for a livable North Rhine-Westphalia is extremely high. From 2021, the concession income that the state of North Rhine-Westphalia receives from Westlotto will increase moderately and that a decline cannot be expected in the medium term. This is taken into account in the draft budget 2021. ”Bodo Löttgen, Group leader of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia, Press release CDU on the use of gambling million for public and non -profit purposes

Lotto income particularly lucrative

The adaptation of financial support was the CDU faction in North Rhine-Westphalia Rightly highlighted as a matter of course in the sense of political and social responsibility, but the fact is that it is regulated by law in the GlüStV, To what extent income from gambling for which purposes are used have to.

“It is logical to increase the fixed amount for the destinaire against the background of the positive development of gambling. This means that the large sports, social and youth associations in North Rhine-Westphalia can expect more money next year. There has been no real increase since 2014. Overall, we want to increase the volume from 87.3 to 100 million $ , i.e. by a good 15 percent. With this we appreciate the good and important work that the destiny did, especially in the area of volunteering. ”Christof Raschen, Group leader of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia, Press release CDU on the use of gambling million for public and non -profit purposes

However, since so far, however, only state gambling facilities such as Lotto 6 from 49 or Oddset bets were legal and there were no revenue from the still illegal online casinos, it can be expected that the new State Treaty came into force at the latest on July 1, 2021 With a significant adaptation of public funding is to be expected.

So far, the largest funded funds have come directly from the Lotto 6 out of 49. Here, the state cabinet had only decided a few weeks ago to increase the prices for individual plugers from 1.00 $ to 1.20 $ so far, which means that the country means that the country, with unchanged ticket taxes, with 20 percent additional income, by Gambling in NRW, can calculate.

50 percent of all income is returned to the players as a profit distribution, 12 percent receive acceptance points and sales partners as a commission and 17 percent are paid as lottery tax,, 23 percent, however, are firmly to promote public and non -profit institutions according to the current state of gambling. intended.