Novomatic sells Casag shares

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Peter Brandt December 18, 2019

Novomatic is released over 17.19 percent at Casinos Austria AG (Casag) to take himself out of the scandal’s line of fire. There is an affair around the CASAG sub -state group in which presumably corruption between politicians and gambling operators took place. Buyer of the Novomatic shares is the Sazka Group, which already had the greatest participation in advance.

Has the machine manufacturer Novomatic gambled? ((© Deluxtrade/Pixabay.com)

Shares in Casinos Austria AG

The Austrian gaming group Novomatic sells its share of over 17.19 percent at Casinos Austria AG to Sazka Group. The Czech group, which runs gambling and lottery in several European countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece and USA, already had 38.29 percent before buying. Now the participation increases to 55.48 percent. Austria holds about a third through the Austrian Beteiligungs AG (ÖBAG), which manages some participations in the Austrian state, in the sub -state. The sale is pulled through in this way, the Sazka Group becomes a majority owner. The distribution of the shares in the Casinos Austria AG would then look as follows:

  • Sazka Group: 55.48 ZVENT
  • ÖBAG: 33.24 percent
  • Schelhammer & Scattera: 5.31 percent
  • Private foundation Melchart: 4.91 percent
  • Other shareholders: 1.06 percent

Novomatic shared the sale of the shares on Tuesday, December 10th. in a Exposure With. The contract has already been signed However, a right of first refusal applies to the other shareholders. You have a month and, in relation to your previous participation, can draw shares of Casag from the sale of Novomatic at the agreed price. The purchase price has not yet been mentioned. Novomatic also holds shares in Austrian Lotterien GmbH. However, the Austrian gambling group wants to keep this.

“The previous owner structure has not led to a satisfactory development of the casinos Austria. As the smallest major shareholder, we have therefore decided to sell our shares in order to enable the Casag a clear and sustainable owner structure so that the company is prepared for the future challenges of national and global markets in the long term ”Harald Neumann, Fog, novomatic at

Novomatic is covered

The Casinos Austria affair has hit large waves and Novomatic is also part of the Investigations into corruption and postschacher. In the course of the establishment of former FPÖ politician Peter Sidlo, Novomatic is said to have been given prospect of new lucky charges in Casinos Austria AG.

die So far, allegations have been denied by everyone involved. Nevertheless, Casag and the major shareholders Sazka Group, Novomatic and ÖBAG are under great pressure. The pressure comes from the public or the media and the public prosecutor. Novomatic takes cover with the sale and at least wants to get out of the fire line. This will probably not succeed in the near future. Because as long as the allegations are not fully invalidated, Novomatic also remains in the focus of the press. Novomatic made the following statement on the allegations that Peter Sidlo named Peter Sidlo:

“Novomatic AG is a minority shareholder at Casag with just two out of 18 supervisory boards, is not entitled to a board position and therefore cannot determine a board alone. The board of directors of an AG will be appointed by the entire supervisory board. This accusation is therefore completely incorrect and also not possible from a legal point of view. ”

Sidlo now recalled

The Casag supervisory board, however, has last week decided to call Peter Sidlo as CASINOS AUSTRIA. The further procedure was discussed in an extraordinary meeting. One came to the conclusion that one Sidlo dismissal cannot be prevented. Above all, the boss of the Casinos Austria, Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, campaigned for a line under this personnel because the discussion about Sidlo leads to huge damage to the company.

Due to the entanglements behind the scenes and the fact that Sidlo cannot be presented as the sole scapegoat, the positive effect of this deduction is difficult to evaluate. Sidlo also wants to Do not let the black Peter move. He sees no reason for his dismissal. His statements also show that he is not necessarily a matter close to the heart, but rather about the money.

“An image damage due to the media reporting has taken place, but I certainly cannot be held responsible for this. I therefore state that in my view, the dismissal was not lawful and that I am still entitled to the rights/claims provided for in my board contract and in the Sharprine Act. Finally, I would like to point out that I am ready for an amicable cleanup of this matter. ”Peter Sidlo, former CFO, Casinos Austria AG

Sazka Group soon the majority owner

If the sale of the shares to the Sazka Group is accepted by the other shareholders, the Czech company becomes a majority owner and receives more power through Casinos Austria AG. The Sazka Group has long been pursuing the goal of keeping the majority at Casag. Before the affair came, Novomatic and the Sazka Group could no agreement in a voting contract.

During the affair, Robert Chvatal, CEO of the Sazka Group, confirmed his wish to take greater control over the company. The ÖBAG and the Sazka Group had to concentrate on the well -being of the Casag. The managing director has already indirectly demanded that Novomatic’s participations should be bought up. The desire for stronger participation is also not surprising, it has Casinos Austria AG a monopoly On the twelve Austrian casinos and-through the subsidiary Win2day-in online gambling.

In the meantime, ÖBAG is reacting behavior, although the Sazka Group, as the new majority owner, can have significantly more influence on Casag than the Austrian state with its 33 percent. However, the Sazka Group wants to ÖBAG as a partner at your side. In a press release, it was explained: “The Sazka Group publicly publicly represented the ÖBAG to represent the supervisory board and the board for the future – regardless of the amount of the Sazka Group’s participation in Casag.”

For its part, ÖBAG wants to probe the situation and for the time being with great announcements. It should be one Sustainable and portable solution in the sense of the Casag being found. It’s a stormy time. The sale of the Casag shares at Novomatic will initially not stop. Finally, accusations came, ex-FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache Half Pokerkönig Zanoni On the edge of the Ibiza affair. Here, too, the name of the Austrian gambling group falls. The next few months will probably continue to be difficult for everyone involved.