Novomatic quits 120 employees

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Peter Brandt 13. November 2020

The Austrian gaming group Novomatic has had to cut 120 jobs and relieve employees due to the recent Corona measures. This emerges from a recently published statement by the group, which is one of the greatest gambling providers worldwide. According to the group management, the reason for the job cuts should be the renewed restrictions due to corona pandemic, which have now also been carried out in Austria. There, but also in many other European Novomatic locations, a second Lockdown has been decided in the past few days and weeks, which fully prohibits all stationary gambling facilities of the company, such as casinos and arcades. However, hopes rest at the subsidiary Admiral, which recently received a sports betting license from USA.

Many Novomatic Group employees had to pack their things and were released because of the Corona measures in Austria. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Exemplary employer Novomatic forced to layoffs

Nowadays it is by no means a matter of course that such a large company as that Novomatic Group as a progressive, socially friendly group and employer is seen. In this case it is different. The Austrian gaming provider enjoys an excellent reputation as an employer and has already been awarded several awards, including the seal of approval for “company health promotion”.

Nevertheless, as for almost every company in Europe, the Corona pandemic and all of them from the national governments from it were and is a major challenge. In March of this year, however, Novomatic was sure to be able to master the challenges. As one of the first companies At Novomatic, the risks of pandemic were recognized at an early stage And, wherever possible, offered his employees working in the home office.

“This situation is completely new for all of us and also for our industry: operators, suppliers, manufacturers – the people who make up all of this and their families. We would like to assure our customers and partners that we are available for all their inquiries. Our employees and teams are fully motivated to hold our own Novomatic Team Spirit. Let us all hope that our industry will soon be able to resume normal operation and daily life, as we know it, and the industry can gather again at the upcoming events and trade fairs without fear of infection. Stay Safe – please stay healthy! ”Jens Einhaus, VP International Sales, Europe & The Americas at the Novomatic Group, Press release of the Novomatic Group on the home office offer for corona decisions

However, now that the second lockdown in many European countries had been decided, even an economically stable group like Novomatic could no longer prevent drastic measures. Like the news magazine the standard recently reported, the group sees itself forced, 120 employees of the company. As was also known, Novomatic has already shown the layoffs at the responsible Austrian employment agency. A social plan should now be designed together. In addition, numerous advisory services are provided.

There are hopes on online sports betting in USA

How bad the situation for Novomatic, but also the Austrian economy must be, becomes clear that Novomatic has not had to make a single economic termination in recent years. With around 22,500 employees worldwide, of which 3,100 employees in Austria alone, Novomatic is one of the largest and most important employers in USA and Europe. In the headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen, Novomatic employs 1,200 people. Every tenth workplace should also be in danger there.

The situation for Novomatic should therefore only get worse before improvements. especially the Closes of gambling facilities in Austria, USA, Spain, USA, in the Netherlands and especially England Has hit the group hard. This is also why the view should now be directed towards the online gambling.

At least here there is also good news. Novomatic subsidiary and sports betting provider Admiral One of those bookmakers who have received one of the coveted American sports betting licenses that have only been awarded recently. The American as well The Austrian sports betting market are particularly lucrative for Novomatic and could not only grow with central importance for the group, but also for his employees in the near future.

“With the preservation of this new sports competition, the high product quality and competence of the Novomatic AG Group is once again confirmed. The regulator is thus creating a legally secure basis for private sports betting providers. This is an important step in order to be able to continue to expand our offer, especially in the online and mobile area. ”Jürgen Irsigler, Admiral sports betting managing director, Press release of the Novomatic Group on the licensing procedure in USA