Novolinese: creative marketing campaign

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Peter Brandt 3. September 2021

With a sitcom-like marketing campaign, Novoline dared to start the online gambling. In the manner of a TV series, the sitcom “We go online” shows the group’s fictional marketing department, which tries to announce the leap into the digital gambling with a suitable advertising campaign. The five episodes are bursting with humor and self -irony. With his creative approach, Novoline intends to establish the new umbrella brand “Novo Interactive” and to gain foot on the online gambling market accordingly.

Novoline has made a name for herself in the gambling industry with many popular slots. ((© Aarón González/UNSPLASH)

Strangely entertaining characters

The five episodes of “We are online” have the task of addressing Novoline’s introduction to digital gambling, but this generally only serves as a framework. The protagonists and the obvious attempt are much more elementary to address younger audience.

The fictional Marketing team initially consists of three people: Katrin, Matteo and Theo. The latter is the head of the department and represents an old meadow with his spores in the marketing industry in the 1980s. Matteo continues to engage in him and embodies a classic trait. Katrin is the only woman to bring a kind of balance into the triple stir.

In search of reinforcement for the planned marketing campaign, you will receive an “application video” from two young men who are brought into the team despite an unorthodox job interview. Since a shared apartment with a shared apartment whispers the two boys into the ear with a headphone, what they have to say, they are simply brought on board. In any case, the marketing department was on the Search for a man-woman team.

Diversity. Already in the first episode of sitcom it quickly becomes clear how serious and important Novoline takes the current topic of diversity. There is always smaller or larger allusion to the relevant topic. Katrin says during the interview that you are looking for more diversity. Theo also explains that the company is diverse and that there is various problems for this reason. At the same time, you are also diverse, you should never mess up.

Eine tribute years internet

What is striking in “We go online” is that gambling never concrete component of the content is. The Internet with all its unique properties and strange phenomena is much more in the foreground. The consequences are peppered with memes, subcultures, youthful language use and other areas that are relevant on the Internet.

One of the episodes is about Pranks, for example, which have always been an important part of social media platforms and especially for younger spectators. The focus is also on gaming. This is how the two young men play among other things Popular games like FIFA or Call of Duty on the Dirtywhose scarce availability is mentioned casually. The musical taste of the younger generation is also illuminated. In search of a suitable testimonial, the American rap scene is discussed and a fictional artist is presented.

Further allusions refer to the now flattened Hype about Pokémon cards As well as the expression “new territory”, which was then used by Chancellor Angela Merkel to describe the Internet.

Young audience. In the five episodes of the sitcom Novoline, the Internet dedicates a homage to serve the overarching purpose of drawing a younger audience aware of the one in the online gambling.

More self -irony is not possible

“We are online” is crossed by shrill humor and a good dose of self -irony. There are always allusions in which the Software developer Novoline Takes yourself on the shovel with a wink. For example, Theo receives the note “Update overdue since 2007” in his personal vlog, which he leads at the end of each episode. The fictional pop-up message is supposed to show self-ironic that the gambling group since this year no more business steps hat.

In the official press release, Florian Hermann, the “real” head of marketing at Novo Interactive, gave to understand that one as a company consciously decided on this type of marketing Has. With the shrill spots you want to specifically other providers take off in the industry, which at most through Game features like Merkur or innovative Slots wie Betsoft want to draw attention to yourself. Since the group as an absolute newcomer enters an already developed market, a creative approach is the only way to generate attention to the player.

Bonus by Novoline. In the online gambling group, the gambling group will act under the newly founded umbrella brand Novo Interactive. You want to separate the digital and stationary division. Despite this division, the online segment should benefit. Florian Hermann said that the Novoline brand is still known and popular with its own target group and players want it Online Casino Bonus to be able to use Novoline slots ..