Nigeria improves gambling regulation

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Peter Brandt March 16, 2020

The Nigerian authorities want to improve transparency and security in gambling through closer cooperation in the future – and online and inpatient. Probably the main reason for the new bureaucratic openness is incidents in the recent past. Nigeria has been fighting dubious lottery providers for years who enrich themselves at the expense of Nigerian lottery players and have not paid out profits. Overall, however, the gaming market in Nigeria is one of the better regulated markets in the industry in Africa.

From casinos to sports betting, the regulation of gambling in Nigeria is in the hands of a single authority. ((©8385/Pixabay)

Authorities with unclear jurisdiction – lots in focus

Gambling is a big and economically strong market in Nigeria – after all, estimates are said annually Generated billions of bills by gambling, Above all, the online market grows rapidly and thus reflects the situation that can also be observed in Europe or the USA.

For this reason, too, the Nigerian state apparatus dealt intensively with all kinds of gambling that is brought to Nigerian citizens, be it through inpatient facilities such as casinos or over the Internet. Since then, one has needed one for a legal shop in Nigeria State happiness for happiness.

Who awards Nigerian gambling licenses? “In Nigeria, the Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) is fundamentally responsible for the allocation of state happiness. In principle, the Nigerian law allows gambling all providers-including the non-state-who have previously acquired state happiness and accordingly meet all requirements. However, not all forms of gambling in Nigeria are not generally allowed. Although this does not apply to the well -known classic casino games or sports betting, all dice games and 100 percent of the card games dependent on the cubes are not permitted. In addition, only land-based arcades are legal, but online casinos are generally prohibited! ”

For a long time the Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission Both the license, regulation and supervision of all gambling and gambling providers in Nigeria alone. However, the rapid growth of the market, especially online, is gradually impossible, especially because in the recent past Dubious lottery providers with criminal intentions in Nigeria and even successful were.

This should change as soon as possible. For more transparency on the entire Nigerian gaming market and also higher security for customers or players, one should Task and competence division between the NLRC and the corporate affairs commission (CAC) worries. So far, however, there have been disputes between the two authorities about responsibilities and responsibilities.

No loopholes in the system for lottery providers

Abuse of customer data Or non -paid lottery gain – these were and are the most common abnormalities that have been observed in some criminal lottery providers on the Nigerian gaming market in recent years.

In the course of the planned official cooperation, in the foreseeable future A common database be created. The NLRC should continue to be commissioned with the task for allocation, but during the test process, but have access to information that has been generated by the CAC in the past through individual applicants.

Striking companies that have already come into focus in history through illegal activities could quickly be identified via the data interface and could be identified quickly via the data interface Excluded from the outset as a license receiver will. Mainly, it is about foreign lottery providers.

The CAC CEO, Abubakar Garba, evaluates the planned cooperation positively, also because in the past there have always been unclear responsibilities that made it easier to do dubious companies Slide in the Nigerian legal system to find.

“In the past, we had problems registering lottery companies. This prompted us to rethink the earlier requirement that the approval must generally be obtained from the NLRC before such registration. ”

In addition, even licensed gaming companies in Nigeria should also be subjected to a new exam. Then Of the currently 21 licensed providers, only three companies provide tax -mandatory taxes, including allegedly Bet9ja, a sports betting provider who, as the market leader through betting agencies and the online business, is supposed to hold a market share of around 60 percent on the Nigerian gaming market.

“We know the 21 licensed providers in Nigeria, but only two or three make taxes to the government. That’s too bad. The Nigerians and this committee are disappointed with them, because after they have received licenses and money, they do not give the government at all. ”