New casino for Las Vegas?

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Peter Brandt 23. November 2020

Despite the continued Corona pandemic, Casinos station is thinking about a new casino building in Las Vegas. The American gambling operator has considered an almost undeveloped neighborhood in Las Vegas Valley. The property is located near the South Durango Drive in the west of Las Vegas and thus around ten kilometers far from the world -famous Las Vegas Strip with its numerous casinos. The location of the possible building of the casino outside the tourist attractions and the time during the currently global corona pandemic raise questions. But the plan for the casino has apparently existed for many years.

Although the casinos are threatened by the corona pandemic, there are considerations for a new casino building in Las Vegas. ((©zzim780/Pixabay)

A surprising time

Station Casinos is an American hotel and casino gaming company, whose headquarters are located in Summerlin South, Nevada, near the Las Vegas gaming metropolis. Station Casinos was founded on July 1, 1976 by Frank Fertitta Jr. The company alone operates ten casinos in and around Las Vegas, who run under the name Station Casinos and is therefore one of the dominating casino company in the Las Vegas region.

Last Tuesday, Casinos’ Station announced in a report by the Las Vegas Review journal that a new property should be opened up and designed. A brand new casino is to be built here, although the property is around ten kilometers outside the Las Vegas tourist center. But the construction plans became known above all because of the current situation through the corona pandemic Extremely surprising in the United States. Finally, almost daily New Corona record numbers announced. In addition, four of the Casinos station are also closed because of the virus. These include the Texas Station, the Fiesta Henderson, the Fiesta Rancho and the Palms.

Alarming Corona numbers ensure renewed casinos. The current figures of new infections with the Corona virus and the number of deceased should be worried to the United States. New record numbers are transmitted almost every day. Daily new infections of more than 160,000 people, almost 250,000 fatalities and a total of over 11.3 million infected people speak volumes. A new lockdown should be avoided, but casinos and casinos had to close their doors in numerous US states due to the corona pandemic. They include the US states of New Mexico, Michigan and in large parts of Pennsylvanias. If the wave of propagation is to be stopped somehow, further closures of casinos, but also of bars, restaurants and cafés, are probably essential. The gambling Mecca Las Vegas will certainly again be affected by this.

Decision made far before the corona pandemic?

However, the current Corona numbers are apparently separated from the construction plans. The construction and opening of a new casino have apparently been in the company’s strategy and planning area for a long time. In 2000, the property that was cited was already purchased. Numerous, unexpected developments such as The global economic crisis In 2008, however, the construction started again and again. But why the construction was again in the eye during the Corona pandemic, Brendan Bussmann from the advisory company Global Market Advisors tried to explain to the review journal:

“The area continues to grow in the underdeveloped part of the gambling market. The anchoring of a facility in the southwestern market of Las Vegas will be a strong enrichment for the area, the overall market, and a positive result that could result from the big shutdown. ”Brendan busman, Employee at the consulting company Global Market Advisors, Report of the Las Vegas Review journal

In addition to the plot mentioned, other new casinos could also be created in the near future. For this, a report from Red Rock Resorts, the parent company of station casinos, speaks to the stock market supervision Sec. Accordingly, the group still belongs Another 130 hectares of building land in Nevada. This gives the group the opportunity to react to the current and future market developments in gambling paradise in Las Vegas and to use other casinos from the cake with other casinos.

The casino operator is certainly also connected to the last year, which is strongly influenced by the Corona pandemic, the accumulated year of travel with domestic and foreign tourists. The rapidly advanced development of various vaccines against the Corona virus leaves the economy in the gambling industry Hope for sales that are quickly recovering. With a positive and hopeful view at the same time, the next year could already ensure economic relaxation.