New Zealand: normal casinobetorb

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Peter Brandt 30. September 2020

Due to the few Corona new infections, New Zealand has almost completely reduced the restrictions. By grading the risk of risk to 1 in the majority of the state sections by the New Zealand government, the Corona restrictions or hygiene and security standards are almost completely shut down. The gaming industry in particular benefits from this. In the casinos, the company has been able to be carried out for the first time since the Lockdown without restrictions. Skycity Entertainment Group Limited, the largest operator of casinos in New Zealand, was very pleased in an official press release, after all, the consequences of Corona pandemic had strongly added to the company.

Due to the low Corona infections, the Corona restrictions in New Zealand were almost completely canceled. ((© barni1 / Pixabay)

Casinos can continue their operation again without restrictions

For the casinos, the remaining restrictions finally mean the admission of the regular operation. Events may be carried out again and one unlimited number of players the entry can be allowed again. Before that, only so-called VIP customers were allowed to enter the Spielbanken premises. Only guests from all over the country are allowed to take a seat at the gaming tables and machines. The annoying plexiglass protection panes or other hygienic barriers for the players can also be removed, which means that the original gaming experience comes back in its entire form.

Who is Skycity Entertainment Group Limited? The SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited is a company founded in 1996 based in Auckland in New Zealand, which operates a total of five casinos, to which various restaurants, bars and hotels are connected, including conference rooms. The Sky Tower in Auckland also belongs to the company. Of the five SkyCity casinos, there are four in New Zealand (Skycity Auckland, Sky City Hamilton, Sky City Queenstown and Skycity WHARD CASINO). The fifth casino is located in Adelaide in Australia. In addition, the group is also active in the sector of the online gambling. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Skycity also operates an online casino, which, however, only players from New Zealand can access if they are within the New Zealand national borders. Players from other countries are denied access to the online casino.

The only exception is the SkyCity Casino in Auckland. In the greater area of the big city, the risk assessment by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern due to the Furthermore increased number of corona infections leave to level 2. That means that the Hygiene and security measures against Corona Even in the casino, the access is still still mandatory and therefore only VIP customers are allowed to access. At the beginning of October, i.e. in around two weeks, the situation by the government is to be re -evaluated.

Fast recovery of massive slump?

In an official report on its company website, Skycity Entertainment Group Limited announced that the consequences of the global corona pandemic, including the temporary closure of the casinos as well as restaurants and hotels, were massive for the company. In comparison of the first half of 2019 and 2020, they are Netto gains broken up by a whopping 60 percent. Tragically, this also led to the reduction of employees. However, the reopening of the casinos and the noise of the Corona restrictions that are now applicable feed on the hope that the sales figures will quickly recover from the massive break-in. This was announced by Graeme Stephens, CEO of Skycity, in an official press release on the company website:

“Numerous strategic decisions and measures had to be made to alleviate the effects of the fire and from Covid-19. We have quickly restructured our New Zealand workforce and reduced by around 25 percent to ensure that SkyCity is positioned in the short to medium term. We have carried out capital procurement and debt rescheduling to ensure that SkyCity has sufficient liquidity and financing capacity. The considerable surgical efforts focused on the closure and reopening of our facilities with strict health and security measures.

Skycity was able to react quickly but carefully to these events and is well positioned to cope with the foreseeable future. The wage grants in New Zealand and Australian job keeper system were helpful and have partially reduced the effects of the interim closure of the casinos and the continuing low visitor rate of international customers.

Our home markets within New Zealand and our business in Adelaide have recovered faster than expected after we were able to reopen what gave us courage. While we adapt to new social and economic circumstances, the forecasts remain uncertain. ”Graeme Stephens, CEO der SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited, Press release on the official website of SkyCity

The Skycity Entertainment Group Limited seems quickly and effectively on the massive economic effects of corona pandemic To have reacted, however, it has to be shown how quickly the sales break -in can be compensated for especially during the lockdown. The almost Corona restrictions in the casinos completely canceled However, give those responsible courage and increase fun for visitors again.