New US tool against illegal gambling

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Peter Brandt 5. August 2020

The US company Beanstalk and the Marketing Agency A Game Above have brought out a new tool against illegal gambling together. The joint venture pursues a completely new approach to ensure that illegal gaming providers can no longer bring their offer to the players. Because affected providers are no longer blocked by an authority, but by players themselves. The innovative tool can be used on all end devices from desktop PCs to mobile devices and is intended to provide better youth protection, but also serves problem players for self-control.

The new US tool should give players and parents the opportunity to block their own computers and devices for gambling. ((©madartzgraphics/Pixabay)

Help for authorities by private individuals

In the past month, many countries around the world have been enact new laws, to go on the Internet in the fight against illegal gambling providers, be it through stricter data protection guidelines or new requirements for online casinos. Partly set Private corporations like Google even more restrictive measures around. Now a joint venture is making a completely new, innovative path.

Pioneer is a joint venture behind which The US company Beanstalk and the Marketing Agency A Game Above hide. Beanstalk is not a newcomer in the gaming industry, because the well-known self-closing system Gamban, a database in which gambling addicts can be entered and locked, was also founded by Beanstalk.

What is Gamban? Gamban is a database that is also available as an installable app for private individuals. Problem players have the opportunity to prevent access to online casinos sites on the Internet and to block similar gambling offers online. In the meantime, the tool has helped thousands of players worldwide to break away from their pathological gambling addiction.

Specifically, the new way is to contain illegal gambling in order to Digital tools that can be installed on smartphones, desktop PCs or tablets. The highlight: The internet appearances of dubious providers are not blocked by state authorities, but by users themselves.

“I would still play if there was no Gamban app and others, because I would find numerous temptations on the Internet to play constantly. Life is good now. I don’t worry about money, I don’t have to tell my friends lies, I have set goals and look forward to tomorrow while playing was afraid of playing every day. ” – Danny, Gambling addict, gamban.com

That US-Tool namens Yield Sec is therefore a kind of technical surveillance and, above all, is aimed at people with problematic game behavior. With the help of the digital tool, these people now have a new way to stay away from games of chance. Since illegal gambling providers in particular have problem group on the Internet, the tool developers and gaming authorities hope to be able to slain two flies with one stone.

Can revolutionize the industry of yield sec

The development of the innovative tool Yield SEC also came about because During the Corona pandemic a drastic increase in illegal gambling providers on the Internet was recorded and the black market grew almost uncontrollably, especially in the United States. This in turn is not only a challenge for the state, but also for players with problematic gambling behavior.

Yield Sec is supposed to help authorities and players. Although the digital product is officially marketed as a tool, similar to Gamban, in the actual sense it is rather a database that allows real -time access. According to the developers, it should even be the largest and most technically mature database, who registered illegal or dubious gambling providers, act to the world.

“After an intensive research and development phase, we look forward to being able to announce this: the start of Yield Sec. In most markets today there is a risk of damage caused by gambling. I don’t know who to with a problem. Escape from compulsive game behavior is almost impossible if no tool has made this possible or has ever worked on effectively excluding illegal providers or the black market from the regulated, legal market. Yield Sec will achieve this and guarantee a sensible player protection. Any help for those affected is ineffective if we only put conditions on licensed operators, but then leave the unregulated black market open to everyone. ” – Jack Symons, Founder of Beanstalk, agamaBove.com/press