Nevada: Prohibition of weapons in casinos?

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Peter Brandt 31. May 2021

A Senate Committee in Nevada has initiated a stricter ban on weapons for casinos in the state. Due to increasing shootings and disputes with firearms in and around casinos, the democratic party sees urgent need for action. The new law is intended to give the casinos in Las Vegas and in other cities of the US state the opportunity to call the police immediately when a armed guest is being able to call the police.

The tightened weapons ban is intended to prevent armed disputes in and around casinos in Las Vegas and in other cities in Nevada. ((©tookapic/Pixabay)

Weapons Act too loose?

According to the current legislation in Nevada, it is strictly forbidden to enter casinos and casinos in the state with a firearm. Guests who still make a attempt must be done despite the offense do not count on larger punishments. The casino opera in Las Vegas or in other regions of the US state may only indicate that wearing a weapon within the casino is not permitted. In the last instance, the staff may refer the respective guest of the casino. There are currently no more powers of action for employees of gambling establishments.

The new law should now change that. Nicole Cannizzaro, the democratic majority leader in Nevadas Senate, plans to change the current legal framework in such a way that the security personnel of casinos Armed guests can report to the police without warning. In such a case, the officials are obliged to move out immediately and examine the corresponding person. Cannizzaro and the Democrats want to achieve a reduction in violent crimes with the change in the law during the Corona-Pandemie Especially increased in the area of the Las Vegas Resort.

Security for staff and guests. Casino operators in Nevada have been criticizing the current structure of the weapons law for a long time. The previous regulation exposes the employees to an unnecessary security risk, since armed guests can only be verbally pointed out to the violation. The attitude towards the planned change in the law is correspondingly positive, since in this way security is increased for both personnel and guests.

Change of law encounters resistance

According to matching US media reports, the Democrat Senate Committee has already commissioned the planned tightening of the weapon ban for legal review. If the draft law meets all prerequisites at this level, Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak still has to put his signature under the document before the strict weapons ban comes into force. In this case, carrying out a firearm in a Nevada casino with one Finish of $ 2,000 or with a prison sentence up to one year be punished.

Until then, however, it is still a rocky path, since there is also resistance to the Democrats’ project. While affected casino companies such as MGM Entertainment would be vehemently committed to tightening the current legal situation and better protection of their employees, according to the US media landscape. Rows of arms lobbyists to sharp criticism. The umbrella organization National Rifle Association (NRA) and representatives of the police would criticize the intended tightening of the weapon ban, as this would increase the risk of an armed argument between guests and the state security forces.

Voluntary exercise of law. The Democrats’ Senate Committee around the majority leader Nicole Cannizzaro claims to release the casino operators of the Bundestaat, whether they actually implement the tightening of the weapon ban.

US President calls for stricter gun laws

The weapons law is one of the oldest and most treated most treated in the United States. One cooks at regular intervals Debate about tightening the national law high. Usually violent crimes with firearms or even amotlets are preceded by schools. So far, no major changes in this area have been achieved at all the highest political level. With Joe Biden, the next US president now wants to venture into this sensitive topic.

The 78-year-old Democrat recently spoke of an epidemic, since at regular intervals People in the USA die from firearms. This epidemic has to fight. According to one Report of the time the 46th President of the United States announced stricter regulations for firearms in this regard, which he wants to enforce. The focus would be on assembled – so -called “Ghost Guns” – that the authorities cannot trace back without a valid registration number. Biden therefore called on the individual states and the congress to issue stricter weapons laws.

US gun manufacturers in the crossfire. Biden also took the powerful weapon manufacturers into the deficiency during his announcements. According to the US President, these may no longer be protected against lawsuits and from judicial persecution.