Nevada: New Corona Act to protect against liability complaints

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Peter Brandt 17. August 2020

In order to protect the casinos from a flood of liability complaints in the course of corona pandemic, Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak recently signed a new law. The draft of the new law to protect the casino operators from the circumstances of Covid-19 was presented by the head house of the state in the last week. It bears the name Senate Bill 4. According to the daily newspaper The Nevada Independent, the design by Sisolak is already signed and accordingly legally binding.

A new law signed by governor Steve Sisolak in Nevada is intended to protect the Casinos of the US state from liability. ((©Mariamichelle/Pixabay)

Corona pandemic in the USA is far from being under control

The United States is still on The strongest of Covid-19 affected land of the world. The United States of America still count daily New infections with the coronavirus in the middle five -digit range. The effects on the health, but above all also the economic situation of people are serious. Numerous people, including employees from the gaming sector, fear for their jobs.

But the operators of the casinos are also financially on the collar. In addition, various gaming companies as well as hospitality or other tourism institutions fear that due to actually irrelevant or small ones Violations of Corona protection measures Some people could smell their chance and because of them, for example, could sue the casinos. The new, recently adopted law is now to protect the operators from it. Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak said:

“The law does not serve economic expansion, it serves to survive our state’s economy. It acknowledges that Nevada depends very much on a single industry: the hospitality industry. It is not just about protecting the business, but also the workers who keep the industry and our economy going. ” – Steve Sisolak, Governor of the US state of Nevada, Interview with the newspaper: The Nevada Independent

The new law did not meet everywhere. So representatives from other industries felt disadvantaged and criticized the lack of protection for their industry. Governor Sisolak, however, decided that the casinos by no means a free ticket for the Establishment of hygiene and security measures to protect against Corona.

AGA calls for overarching laws

Nevada’s new law to protect the gambling and tourism industry against irrelevant civil lawsuits is extremely positive at the American Gambling Association AGA, which CEO Bill Miller illustrated in an official statement. Through the law, the casinos nevadas could be on the Recovery of the local economy concentrate, and that is the most important thing at the moment. By law, the operators would no longer have to worry that due to the high security requirements and strict controls, controls fly into the house. After all, such legal proceedings are associated with a high effort in time and costs. That is why the AGA also appeals to the United States Congress to use the new law from Nevada in all US states.

“While the gambling industry is reopened across the country, it continues to adapt to an incredible way to protect the health and safety of employees and customers. Game properties (…) continue to follow the government’s guidelines for reopening the government and even exceed them frequently. Although we have worked hard to open our doors safely and bring our team members back to work, we are still concerned that already suffering gambling companies will be forced to defend themselves against a rush. Capacity restrictions and considerable security expenses are already demanding their toll. This legislation contributes to reducing the costs for stressful legal disputes, which ultimately affect state and local taxes and jobs.

In reality, this is a nationwide crisis. It is therefore necessary for the congress and the cabinet to follow the example of Nevada and introduce targeted temporary liability reductions as quickly as possible to protect those responsible from careful complaints. ” – Bill Miller, President and CEO of the AGA (American Gaming Association), Press release on the official website of the AGA

This is the only way to protect the industries in the other US states, which is essential for economic growth. For the gaming industry, however, Bill Miller guaranteed that with the Hygiene and safety regulations in the casinos are not relaxed would become. After all, the protection of guests and employees is above everything. It remains questionable whether the law is used in a similar form in other US states. For Nevada’s gaming industry, the new law is a blessing.