Netherlands: provider before the end

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Peter Brandt 1 October 2021

Gambling providers such as PokerStars, Unibet and Bwin are pushed by the market by the Kanspelautoriteit (KSA). The Dutch gambling authority recently published a message in which it is said that it asked the respective online gambling operators to leave the local market until November 1, 2021. Since the new legislation in the Netherlands comes into force from this point in time and the individual providers do not have a state concession, they would be classified as illegally.

The “Remote Gambling Act” is like the American State Treaty in many areas and is to legalize the online gambling in the Netherlands from November 1, 2021. ((©MabelAmber/Pixabay)

Gambling authority initiates market displacement

as the KSA announced in their press release, they act On behalf of the Dutch government And follow the implementation of the new legal framework with the targeted market displacement of the respective online gambling operators.

So are poker stars, Unibet, bwin And other providers who are currently unable to have Dutch gambling license. no longer accept new customers. This initiates the first phase of the market exclusion. If poker stars and Co. oppose the instructions of the gambling authority, the providers concerned would have to expect sensitive fines.

Order from the government. According to the authority, the KSA’s restrictive claims would go back to Sander Dekker. The Dutch Minister of Legal Protection was directly involved in the development of the new gambling legislation and, with the exposure of non-licensed providers, pursued the goal of making the Dutch gambling market safely and transparently. Especially in the online segment, these virtues are essential for the player community.

The Dutch Minister of Legal Protection had equipped the regulatory authority with the authority, provider In the event of a deadline crossing to prove with fines. According to the KSA, according to its own statements, the maximum amount of the fine was sent to 600,000 $ . Gambling groups that implement more than 15 million $ a year would even have to submit four percent of their earnings.

Immediate return soon?

The harsh approach of the Dutch government and gambling authority will many gambling providers push out of the market. Even serious and established industry players such as poker stars have to withdraw from the Netherlands at the latest on November 1, 2021. However, this does not rule out a return soon.

The online poker portal has to strive for a Dutch concession in such a scenario. However, the “Remote Gambling Act” provides for new legislation that Wait recurring corporations for six months have to strive for a state license before you can strive. Since the licensing procedure usually takes several months, Pokerstars could start business in the Netherlands again at the end of 2023 at the end of 2023.

Applications for licenses. The KSA recently announced that gambling providers have been given the opportunity to officially strive for a Dutch license since April 1st. According to the authority, 28 companies from the industry had already submitted an application and paid the application fee of around 48,000 $ . In total, the KSA expects a total of 35 applications. The official approval procedure will then begin from October 2021.

Generous liberalization

Similar to USA, the Netherlands pursues one Liberal modernization of the local gaming market. In the Federal Republic, the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüstV) has been in effect since July 1, 2021, which has legalized the online gambling in this country in a structured manner. The Netherlands will take the same way from November 1, 2021. However, the basic requirement for the respective online gambling operators is a state concession in both countries.

The liberalization of the online gambling is significantly more generous in the Netherlands than in the Federal Republic. It will be like this No multiple restrictions on casino games and sports betting give. Online casinos in the Netherlands are allowed to offer slot machines and all the usual table games as digital application. Even the popular progressive jackpots are not affected by the “Remote Gambling Act”. In USA, interested parties have to Provider without American license evade.

Betting provider and bookmaker can offer all sports online. There are no restrictions such as the ban on live betting. Online sports betting providers can still deal with fixed odds, pool betting exchanges and spread bets. Even betting on virtual sports, fantasy sports and e-sports are not banished by the market.

Attractiveness is a priority. The Dutch government wants to be able to offer the most attractive variety of games through the generous liberalization of the online gambling market. This is the only way to prevent the player community from emigrating to the black market in the long term. Accordingly, the offer should always be adapted to the preferences of the players. Since it is not predictable at the moment how the gambling market will develop in the next few years, a maximum of flexibility must be maintained.