Netherlands: Online gambling is growing

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Peter Brandt 11. June 2021

Analyzes for the Dutch gambling market predict strong growth of the online segment. According to a report by the bookmaker Btobet, online gambling should play an essential role in the industry by 2024. The group based in Gibraltar compares the latest evaluations of the two market analysis companies H2 Gambling Capital (H2) and Regulus Partners (RP), both of whom expect a multiplication of gambling sales in online gambling.

The latest forecasts predict that more and more players will play in online casinos. ((© Why not/Pixabay)

Boom of the online gambling game

Similar to many other countries in Europe, the Netherlands have also launched new gambling legislation, which is intended to adapt many areas of the industry to modern conditions. The legalization of the online gambling plays a particularly important part. It will be like this Probably from October 2021 be possible, on the Dutch gaming market Very Legal In License Activity Online Casinos to Sow. Many experts and industry players consider this liberalization process as a starting signal for a new era.

Online gambling in the Netherlands. The Dutch government launched new legislation in 2020, which is to legalize the online gambling in the country. After multiple delays, corresponding gambling operators were able to strive for a Dutch online gap in the Dutch from March 2021, which is expected to come into force from October 1, 2021.

In this regard, the bookmaker BTOBET now has one in his published industry report “Netherlands Betting Focus” Outlook into the future of online gambling. The forecast is supported by the results of the two market analysis companies H2 Gambling Capital (H2) and Regulus Partners (RP).

According to H2, the online segment of the Dutch gambling market was able to generate a total of 424 million $ in 2019. The sales were only generated by the twelve Holland Casinos, since only these facilities in the Netherlands are allowed to legally operate on the online market. Due to the upcoming liberalization, H2 assumes that the Sales of sales from October 2021. will. This year it is conceivable that the market could grow to 513 million $ . By 2024, the online gambling in the Netherlands could even reach a total volume of 1.024 billion $ .

Low shift in the market shares

Regulus Partners also trusts the online gambling game Remarkable development in the next few years to. In contrast to the competition, the market analyst predicts a somewhat lower volume by 2024. For example, 827 million $ in sales are possible.

In contrast, there is agreement in the distribution of the market shares. Despite the growth of the online segment, both RP and H2 assume that The terrestrial casinos and arcades Farther responsible for a large part of the sales will be. A more extensive shift in the balance of power in the next few years is not realistic due to the proportions. In 2019, the stationary gambling offer generated around 2.7 billion $ .

Declining trends. According to H2, individual areas of online gambling could change significantly through legalization. The company assumes that casino games and sports betting will be very well received on the Internet, but the hype about online poker will be extremely well.

Consistent opinion

Not only in the Netherlands forecast the online gambling enormous growth. Also in other regions of the world If you see the business model of the future in the digital gambling. For example, the Swedish industry player “Evolution Gaming” believes that the online gambling market plays an increasingly important role in industry. The latest developments on the market are not a snapshot, the industry will be moving much more into digital space in the long run. According to the Swedish gambling group, the growth potential is infinite, so that the online segment will outdo the inpatient range of games in the long run.

Evolution Gaming can already read the prophecy development at the percentage of parts in its own company. Over the past few years, the company has had a previous Non-existent growth in the online segment be able. The Swedish group’s share price rose by 170 percent, which is said to have resulted in a increase in market value. According to its own statements, Evolution Gaming is now worth 314 billion Swedish crowns (SEK). That is the equivalent of around 31 billion $ .

Future of the online gambling. A legalization process almost extends through the European continent. Many markets already allow gaming on the Internet by law. Other countries such as USA, on the other hand, have been in the starting blocks. In this country, the new Gaming State Treaty comes into force in July 2021, which allows licensed providers on the local market. Due to the extensive liberalization, unexpected economic opportunities arise for the industry and its actors.