Murder process for gambling addiction

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Maximilian Deininger 12. October 2020

A 47-year-old woman is said to have murdered her own mother to satisfy his own gambling addiction. On the second day of the trial in the Paderborn district court, new details have now come to the public. According to an official, the accused Sandra N.-L. have accumulated a debt of over 170,000 $ through sports betting. In order to get the excessive financial situation under control, it is said to have repeatedly used loans. Her 76-year-old mother was one of her many donors. The public prosecutor assumes that the accused wanted to get rid of the debts to the victim. You are now threatened with a lifelong sentence for murder.

The police found the murder victim Karin N. dead in their bed in September 2019. ((©fsHH/Pixabay)

Massive violence as a cause of death

As part of the second day of the murder trial, new information has lit up the situation around the accused. That Homicide on her own mother To date, the police investigators had largely left in the dark.

So Sandra N.-L. According to the current information situation, the 76-year-old Karin N. to poison medication. In the event that the preparations do not develop its full effect, she pressed several pillows on the head of her mother and sat down with her body to bring about death by suffocation.

In addition, Sandra N.-L. While giving a bedside lamp on the head of her mother. The resulting wounds on the head and face should become one Bleeding have led. With the shards of the destroyed lamp, the defendant then added seven deep cuts to the thighs of her mother.

What were the specific reasons for the crime? Sandra N.-L. should have gambled a lot of money on sports betting. In the course of her game -addicted behavior, she had over 90 accounts that were covered with different credit sources. Some financial injections came from her own mother. At the same time, the accused hoped for a lush heritage.

Brother present as a co -plaintiff

The brother of the main defendants appears as a co -plaintiff in the murder process and said his lawyer Klemens Wirth that it was important to him how the actual crime scene ran. The entire situation is not easy for the victim’s family members.

Markus N. only lived one kilometer away from his mother and a good relationship to her. He is said to have visited them at least once a week. He became suspicious when she no longer reacted to his calls. When he went into the house to look at the right, his mother’s bedroom was closed. It is also said to have smelled. With the help of a neighbor and a crowbar, he was finally able to gain access to the bedroom.

In the swamp of gambling addiction

On the second day of the trial, a police financial investigator showed the dimensions of the accused’s gambling addiction over the years. The 47-year-old is said to have been in debt with around 173,000 $ over a period of five years. At the same time, she added a mortgage to the house in which she Husband Ralf L. and her mother lived. The financial situation of the accused is the consequence of a gambling addiction that has been buried since 2014. In regularity, it is said to have placed high amounts to the outcome of sports encounters. The focus was on games in tennis.

Husband previously suspected. Husband Ralf L. is a well-known TV veterinarian and son-in-law of the victim. After the crime, he was initially suspected by the police murder investigators and had to spend around 99 days in custody before the lack of evidence.

According to the statements of the financial investigator, the expenses for the Sports betting were made in no normal relationship to the income the accused stood. The net service of Sandra N.-L. I have around 2,000 $ . During the negotiations, the official is said to have described that around 10,000 $ had been betting annually in the early days. In the period before the homicide, it was said to have been up to 70,000 $ in betting.

Role of the husband still unclear

A big question mark accuses the continued investigation by the accused’s husband. Ralf L. was released after his custody, but his participation in this murder is still in the room. Statements by his now divorced wife put a heavy burden on him. In the course of the investigation, Sandra N.-L. Compared to the investigating police officers that their ex-husband forced to murder have.

Married couple attempted to escape. Ralf L. continues to assert his innocence, but the investigators continue to assume that the well-known TV veterinarian is somehow involved in this violent crime. After the crime, he and the main defendants had fled to the south of the country. Sandra N.-L. caused on the way A serious car accident on the A3 near Nuremberg.